Admission/Degree Requirements - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Sciences Programs

Admission/Degree Requirements - Radiation Therapy

Admission Requirements: Radiation Therapy

  • Prerequisite Courses:
    • Rhetoric:  RHET:1030 Rhetoric
    • Natural Science: anatomy, one of these:
      • HHP:1100  Human Anatomy
      • HHP:3105  Anatomy for Human Physiology
      • HHP:3115  Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab
    • AND: physiology, one of these
      • HHP:1300  Fundamentals of Human Physiology
      • HHP:3500  Human Physiology
      • HHP:3550  Human Physiology with Lab
    • AND: physics, one of these;
      • PHYS:1400 Basic Physics  
      • PHYS:1511 College Physics I
    • Psychology:   PSY:1001  Elementary Psychology
    • Quantitative/Formal Reasoningone of these:
      • MATH:1440  Math for the Biological Sciences
      • MATH:1020  Elementary Functions
    • General Education: 3sh from 2 of the following areas:  
      • Diversity and Inclusion (DI)
      • Historical Perspectives (HP)
      • International and Global Issues (IGI)
      • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts (LVPA)
      • Values and Culture (VC)
    • Medical Terminology:  CLSA:3750  Medical and Technical Terminology
    • A total of 60sh of coursework
  • Prerequisites courses must be completed by June 1
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative college GPA
  • Two years of high school world language is a prerequisite to the professional program.
  • International students and students whose first language is not English:  must satisfy all UI Admissions requirements, complete the English Language Requirements for Admission, and have clearance to take a full academic load.


  • Job shadowing, patient care experience, and research of professional field(s)
  • Participation in student, community, or professional organizations or clubs
  • RSP:1100  Introduction to Radiation Sciences
  • PHYS:1512 College Physics II
  • CS:1020  Principles of Computing or BAIS:1500  Business Computing Essentials
  • STAT:1020  Elementary Statistics
  • PSY:1010 Learning About Learning
  • HHP:1400 Human Anatomy & Physiology OR BIOL:1140 Human Biology


  • Separate application for competitive selection to the professional track due by January 15.
  • Admission to a Radiation Sciences program is not guaranteed.
  • Application and selection process is required due to limited clinical openings.
  • Personal interview for invited applicants.
  • Transfer students:  Apply to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Radiation Sciences Interest by early November.  Also see the Transfer Credits link on the Student Resources tab.

Degree Requirements:

1)  Complete the following professional Radiation Sciences track:

  • Radiation Therapy (2 year track) – 8 students

2)  Semester hour and GPA Requirements:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative and UI GPA
  • Complete all programmatic courses with a "C" letter-grade; >75%


1st Semester Fall sh 2nd Semester Spring sh
RHET:1030  Rhetoric 4 Human Physiology 3-5
BIOL:1140 Human Biology* OR HHP:1400 Human Anatomy & Physiology* 3-4 Human Anatomy 3-5
MATH:1440 Math for the Biological Sciences 4 PSY:1001  Elementary Psych  3
DI, IGI, HP, LVPA, or VC 3 CLSA:3750  Medical Terminology 2
RSP:1100  Introduction to Radiation Sciences* 1 DI, IGI, HP, LVPA, or VC 3
Subtotal 15-16 Subtotal 14-18
    Total Freshman 29-34

*Recommended, not required       


1st Semester Fall sh 2nd Semester Spring sh
PSY:1010 Learning About Learning 1 STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inference 3
PHYS:1400  Basic Physics or
PHYS:1511 College Physics I
3-4 PHYS:1512 College Physics II* 4
CS:1020  Principles of Computing* or BAIS:1500 
Business Computing Essentials*
Electives 8
Electives 7-9    
Subtotal 15 Subtotal 15
    Total Sophomore 30
    Prerequisite Total: 60

*Recommended, not required

Radiation Therapy


1st Semester Fall sh 2nd Semester Spring sh
RSP:2120  Patient Care for Radiation Sciences 3 RSP:3210  Medical Ethics & Law 2
RSP:3130  Radiation Safety & Radiobiology 2 RSTH:3205  Principles of  Radiation Therapy I 3
RSP:2110  Pathology for Radiation Sciences (online) 2 RSTH:3215  Medical Physics II 2
RSTH:3110  Medical Physics I 2 RSTH:3225  Radiation Therapy Clinical Internship II 3
RSTH:3100  Introduction to Radiation Therapy 3 RSCT:4100  Sect Anatomy for Imaging Sciences (online) 3
RSTH:3120  Radiation Therapy Clinical Internship I 3    
Subtotal 15 Subtotal 13
3rd Semester Summer sh    
RSTH:3325  Radiation Therapy Clinical Internship III 4    
RTCT:4130  CT Physical Principles & QC (online) 4    
Subtotal 8 Total Junior 36



1st Semester Fall sh 2nd Semester Spring sh
RSTH:4105  Principles of Radiation Therapy II 2 RSTH:4230  Radiation Therapy Capstone Seminar 3
RSTH:4125  Radiation Therapy Clinical Internship IV 4 RSTH:4225  Radiation Therapy Clinical Internship V 5
RSP:4110  Research Methodologies for Rad Sci 3 RSP:3220  Rad Sci QM & Healthcare Admin 2
RSCT:4120  CT Procedures I (online) 4 RSMR: 4110  Fundamentals MRI Technologist (online) 3
Subtotal 13 Subtotal 13
    Total Senior 26