Underrepresented Communities Scholarship for Visiting Students in Urology

The Underrepresented Communities Scholarship for Visiting Students in Urology encourages medical students who are from a background that is underrepresented in medicine, or who are interested in working with underserved populations, to pursue advanced clinical study in urology. The scholarship is open to students with an interest in urology who have successfully completed the third year of medical school at an LCME-accredited institution. We cannot accept applications from students in osteopathic programs.

This scholarship is awarded annually to one or two talented students visiting from other medical schools and is intended to assist with travel and housing expenses during the elective.

How to Apply for the Underrepresented Communities Scholarship for Visiting Students in Urology

The scholarship application may be submitted at the time of elective application and no later than May 15. Please be aware that a scholarship award does not guarantee a visiting clerkship seat. A clerkship seat is contingent on availability and on final Carver College of Medicine visiting student elective approval.

To apply, send one email to Urology-MedStudents@healthcare.uiowa.edu with the following attachments:

  • A personal statement that includes why you are interested in a rotation at the University of Iowa, with a detailed description of your commitment to excellence, service, and diversifying the health care workforce in the field of urology
  • A letter of recommendation from any faculty member at your medical school