Hyperbaric Medicine Facility


Message from the Director

The University of Iowa has been using hyperbaric oxygen therapy since 1988 and currently operates the largest hyperbaric chamber in the state. Compressed Air Therapy and Compressed Oxygen are used either as primary treatment or as a supplement to other forms of treatment such as surgery or antibiotics. The treatments offered from the UI Hyperbaric Medicine Facility have been proven effective for a number of medical and surgical conditions.

Team Focus

Our team includes specially trained physicians, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists, biomedical personnel, and other technical support staff. They have additional training in critical care treatment, advanced life support, and diving and decompression medicine.

Overall Impact


  • Largest chamber in the state of Iowa
  • State of Iowa's only multi-place chamber
  • Chamber was installed in 1995 and is capable of holding up to six patients plus one inside attendant
  • Chamber is 23 feet long, seven feet in diameter, and weighs approximately 21,000 pounds
  • Chamber is equipped with a med lock and an entry chamber
  • Chamber has critical care capabilities
  • Chamber is staffed by board-certified technicians
  • Located near the Surgical and Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit and Main Operating Rooms
  • Located at Elevator I, 5th floor, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics