Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine is built on four research pillars: clinical, injury prevention, medical education and health systems. Faculty members, graduate students, emergency medicine residents, medical students, and undergraduates are involved in research in a variety of projects and programs. Specific research interests include:

  • Rural sepsis regionalization
  • Quality of care, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of inter-hospital transport
  • Prevention, diagnosis and care of traumatic brain injury
  • All-terrain vehicle (ATV) injury prevention
  • Alcohol-related injury and violence prevention
  • Farm injury prevention
  • Highway motor vehicle crash scene analysis
  • Safe driving advocacy
  • Simulation in medical education
  • Improving access and quality of emergency care
  • Decision-making processes for optimal drug selection in the emergency department

The department continues to support a research portfolio with funding from the National Center for Injury Control and Prevention (NCICP), National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC), Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF), Children’s Miracle Network, Kohl’s Keeping Kids Safe Program, Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), and Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health (GPCAH). Our investigators collaborate with other University of Iowa colleges, centers and departments, with colleagues and community partners across the state, nation and world.


Gerene Denning, PhD 
Research Scientist  

Kari Harland, MPH, PhD 
Associate Research Scientist  

Cathy Fairfield, RN, BSN 
Research Coordinator