Ophthalmology Leadership

Chairman and Head, Department of Ophthalmology

Keith CarterKeith D. Carter, MD

Lillian C. O'Brien and Dr. C.S. O'Brien Chair in Ophthalmology

E-mail: keith-carter@uiowa.edu

Phone 319-356-7997

Vice-Chair, Department of Ophthalmology

Wallace L.M. AlwardWallace L.M. Alward, MD

Frederick C. Blodi Chair in Ophthalmology

E-mail: wallace-alward@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-356-3938

Department Administrator

Denise RettigDenise Rettig, MHA, MBA

E-mail: denise-rettig@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-384-7052

Phone: 319-356-2866

Department Human Relations Manager

Dawn McCalleyDawn McCalley, SHRM-CP, PHR

E-mail: dawn-mccalley@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-356-4674


Research Support Manager

Shelly GalbraithShelly A. Galbraith

E-mail: Rochelle-galbraith@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-356-0827


Director of External Relations

Joe SchmidtJoe Schmidt, MBA

E-mail: joe-schmidt@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-384-8529


Support Services Manager

Tammy BoehmeTammy Boehme

E-mail: tamara-boehme@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-356-3811


Senior Financial Analyst

Jaclyn KolosikJaclyn Kolosik, BA

E-mail: Jaclyn-Kolosik@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-384-8632


Nursing Services Coordinator

Jenniffer Carpe​Jenniffer Carpe, BSN, RN, MBA, CNML

E-mail: Jenniffer-carpe@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-356-7218


Director, Residency Program

Tom OettingThomas A. Oetting, MS, MD

Rodolfo N. Perez Jr., M.D., and Margaret Perez Professor in Ophthalmology Education

E-mail: Thomas-oetting@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-353-8585

Director, Fellowship Programs

Scott LarsonScott A. Larson, MD

William E. Scott Educational Professor in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Phone: 319-356-0382