Executive Committee Roster

Name Title Executive Committee Position Held Email Term
Azeem Ahmed, MD, MBA Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine      Dean Appointed Clinical Professor      azeemuddin-ahmed@uiowa.edu      2017-2020
James Brown, MD Professor of Urology Elected Tenured Professor james-brown-2@uiowa.edu  2016-2019
Marygrace Elson, MD, MME Clinical Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Elected Clinical Professor      marygrace-elson@uiowa.edu     2018-2021
Laurie Gutmann, MD Clinical Professor of Neurology Elected Clinical Professor laurie-gutmann@uiowa.edu 2016-2019
Teresa Hegmann, MPAS       Clinical Professor of  Physican Assistant Studies & Services  Dean Appointed Clinical Professor theresa-hegmann@uiowa.edu 2016-2019
Eric Hoffman, PhD Professor of Radiology Elected Clinical Professor   eric-hoffman@uiowa.edu  2017-2020
John Fingert, MD, PhD Professor of  Opthamology & Visual Sciences Dean Appointed Tenured Professor  john-fingert@uiowa.edu 2018-2021
Nitin Karandikar, MD, PhD Chair and Professor of Pathology Dean Appointed and Chair nitin-karandikar@uiowa.edu 2018-2020
Barcey Levy, MD, PhD  Professor of Family Medicine Dean Appointed Tenured Professor barcey-levy@uiowa.edu 2017-2020
Larry Marsh, MD Professor of Orthopedics Dean Appointed and Chair  j-marsh@uiowa.edu 2016-2019
James Nepola, MD Professor of Orthopedics Elected Tenured Professor james-nepola@uiowa.edu 2016-2019
Kamal Rahmouni, PhD Professor of Pharmacology Elected Tenured Professor  kamal-rahmouni@uiowa.edu  2016-2019
Sonia Sugg, MD Clinical Professor of Surgery Elected Clinical Professor  sonia-sugg@uiowa.edu 2018-2021
Michael Tansey, MD Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Elected Clinical Professor michael-tansey@uiowa.edu 2018-2021
Beth Troutman, PhD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Elected Clinical Professor beth-troutman@uiowa.edu 2017-2020
TBD   Professor of   Elected Tenured Professor          
Dan Weeks, PhD      Professor of Biochemistry      Dean Appointed Tenured Professor      daniel-weeks@uiowa.edu      2018-2021