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Faculty Committees

Executive Committee

The Carver College of Medicine Executive Committee comprises elected representatives of both the Basic Science and Clinical Departments within the Carver College of Medicine. They are advisory to the Dean of the College and meet semi-monthly with the Collegiate Deans. They help to promote communication between faculty and the Dean and they serve as the Collegiate Review Committee for promotions and tenure. They also serve on departmental review committees and meet annually with the UI President to report on the state of the College.

Further membership information, powers, and duties of the Carver College of Medicine Executive Committee are detailed in the Collegiate Manual of Procedures, Article II.



Research Team

The Carver College of Medicine Research Team is composed of faculty and administrators who are involved in a wide variety of research areas. The mission of the team ranges from:setting strategic goals for research, operationalizing goals, create an effective communication plan across the various areas of research at CCOM (newsletter). The Research Team meets bi-monthly.