Online Module: Writing for Publication Seminar

Course:  Writing for Publication

A clear and reasoned presentation of ideas is critical to the success of a scientific manuscript.  This seminar examines the structures and positions of emphasis in the sentence, paragraph, and sections of the formal study to help authors authorize their claims.  Includes a test of reasoning that authors can apply to the articles they read and the papers they write.

This session will also address how authors can use a systemic approach to the writing process to improve the content and presentation of their ideas in a manuscript for submission.  Includes suggestions about how to address the needs of the reviewers, editors, and readers of a journal to  improve your chance of publication.

Part 1:  Overview (11 min., 14 sec.)

Part 2:  The Writing Process (14 min., 31 sec.)

Part 3:  Position of Emphasis in the Sentence (11 min., 33 sec.)

Part 4:  Structure of the Paragraph (10 min., 55 sec.)

Part 5:  Report of Original Research (15 min., 59 sec.)

Part 6:  The Publishing Process (9 min., 1 sec.)