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HR Administration

Newly Promoted Professors Reception 2023

Faculty HR Administration

  • Faculty Recruitment: Procedures for recruiting and hiring new faculty.   This section includes the, “Steps to Recruitment”; which contains the following information:
                    - Recruitment Plan
                    - Request Permission to Interview
                    - Request Permission to Hire
                    - Offer Letter Templates
  • Faculty Appointment: Policies and procedures related to faculty appointments within the College of Medicine.   This section contains resources and forms regarding the Faculty appointment process; such as the Criminal Background Check Release Form, and appointment forms.
  • Promotion and Tenure Resources for HR Administrators: Guidelines for promotion recommendation and voting.
  • Faculty Performance Reviews: Procedures and best practices for conducting annual reviews of faculty and five-year reviews of tenured faculty. 
  • Faculty Retirement: Procedures for retirement
  • Faculty HR Transactions: Guidelines for processing faculty HR transaction forms from appointment through retirement
  • Forms and Templates
  • Faculty Directory
  • Directory Profiles