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John P. Long Teaching Award in the Basic Sciences


The intent of this award is to recognize outstanding career-level teaching contributions by the basic science faculty.  The personal and professional qualities exemplified by Dr. Long in his extended and distinguished career in the basic sciences at The University of Iowa serve as a model for this award.

  1.  His dedication as an educator and his demonstrated excellence as a teacher of students at all levels in the basic sciences during his entire academic career.
  2.  His established career long research interest in the autonomic nervous system.
  3.  His multiple and extended periods of administrative service on behalf of the Basic Sciences and The Carver College of Medicine as well as The University of Iowa itself.


The purpose of the award is to honor Dr. Long and his dedication as an educator, researcher and his tireless devotion to service. This annual award was created to acknowledge and encourage a basic science faculty member who exhibits similar qualities. It is hoped that the award will stimulate future basic science faculty to emulate Dr. Long’s devotion to education, teaching, research and service to the University. 

Selection Criteria

The awardee shall be a senior Tenure Track faculty member (Associate Professor, Professor, or Emeritus) whose primary academic appointment lies within one of the following basic science departments:  Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, or Physiology and Biophysics.  Department chairpersons will be eligible for selection, but committee members will be ineligible during the tenure of their service on the committee.  The award will be selected first and foremost (~60%) on the basis of sustained demonstrated interest in the educational process and programs, as well as teaching of the entire spectrum of students taught by the basic science departments exclusive of activities limited solely to students in the research laboratory setting.

Secondary selection criteria include an established area of research interest (~30%), and service to The Carver College of Medicine or The University, or a national organization (~10%).

Selection Committee

The award shall be chosen by basic science faculty.

Nomination Process

The Dean’s office will call for nominations for The Dr. John P. Long Teaching Award in the Basic Sciences from all basic science faculty members each year.  Current students and alumni will be notified of the award and encouraged to nominate faculty in conjunction with a member of the prospective candidate’s department.  It is hoped that inclusion of past and present students in the nomination process will serve to document the long term and ongoing commitment of the nominee to education.  Unsuccessful nominations from previous years may be revised and resubmitted, with no limit on the number of times a faculty member may be nominated or the number of years the nomination has been on file.  Committee members will be ineligible to participate in the nomination process during their tenure on the committee.

The Award

The Dean’s office will present the award to the recipient at the annual Carver College of Medicine Faculty Celebration in conjunction with the presentation of the Dr. Ernest O. Theilen Clinical Teaching and Service Award to a member of the clinical faculty.  The award and recipient will also be listed in the commencement program distributed at The Carver College of Medicine Commencement ceremony in May.  The award shall be equal in amount to that of the Theilen award, and as with that award, this amount shall be reviewed every three years to ensure that it is sufficient to assure that the award remains both prestigious and the premier faculty teaching award in The Carver College of Medicine.  There will be no changes in the use of the funds or the intent of the award without the written consent of the departments represented on the committee for the basic sciences.

The awardee will also receive a plaque indicating the name of the award and the recipient’s name.  In addition, the awardee’s name will be inscribed on a plaque along with all other recipients’ names, and this plaque shall be displayed in a place of prominence within the Bowen Science Building foyer, or the foyer of any future building that becomes the primary site for instruction within the basic sciences.

Materials to be Included in the Completed Nomination Packet

File JP Long Nomination Form 

Curriculum Vitae

Please use The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine format. Special attention should be given to ensure that Section II, Teaching Activities, and Section I C, Honors and Awards, have been updated and are complete.


Information provided by the nominee – a brief statement articulating the nominee’s teaching philosophy [one page].
A description by the nominator of the activities and accomplishments that demonstrate unusually significant and meritorious achievement in teaching throughout career. The description should include [four page maximum]:

  • How this nominee’s contact with students (mentoring, advising, classroom, small group lab teaching, etc.) has enhanced student learning and intellectual development (creative achievement, research, externships, publication, personal teaching style, professional growth).
  • How this nominee’s teaching uniquely enhanced student learning, e.g., methods, style, and spectrum of material, teaching aids. The use of videos and other technology to deliver content is permissible.
  • Analysis of teaching materials and methods.
  • How the scholarly works or creative achievements of the nominee have or may have enhanced the quality of his/her teaching.
  • Documentation of excellence in teaching (e.g., awards or nominations for awards, course evaluation or teaching evaluation forms on more than one occasion.)

Please put student evaluation information, if any, in a separate document or on its own page(s) in the nomination packet. Information from the nomination letter may be used to communicate about award recipients, and should not include confidential materials.

A brief narrative by a colleague describing the nominee’s career teaching activities and explaining how these activities directly contributed to the colleague’s University of Iowa teaching. One page letters written by 3 to 4 current students and alumni consisting of supporting paragraphs about the nominee’s strengths and qualities as a teacher [no length limit].

Research and Service

Provide a brief synopsis of area of research including any major contributions to this field, as well as the nominee’s contributions to service. (one page)


The nominee must sign the cover page to indicate permission to release the information contained in the application.

Nominations are welcomed from colleagues, students and alumni but should not be made by the nominee or members of the selection committee.  The responsibility for assembling and submitting the nomination packet lies with the primary nominator, although team efforts in assembling the material are encouraged.

Nominations are due electronically by 5:00 PM on December 1, 2023 to CCOM-OFAD@uiowa.edu in the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development. 



Year Awardee Department
2022 Darren Hoffmann, PhD Anatomy and Cell Biology
2021 Kris DeMali, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2020 Timothy Yahr, PhD Microbiology and Immunology
2019 Marc Pizzimenti, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2018 Stefan, Strack, PhD Pharmacology
2017 Jon Houtman, PhD Microbiology & Immunology
2016 Marc Wold, PhD Biochemistry
2015 Dawn Quelle, PhD Pharmacology
2014 Alexander Sandra, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2013 Rory A. Fisher, PhD Pharmacology
2012 Wendy J. Maury, PhD Microbiology
2011 Daniel L. Weeks, PhD Biochemistry
2010 Frank Mitros, MD Pathology
2009 Madeline A. Shea, PhD Biochemistry
2008 Andrew Russo, PhD Physiology & Biophysics
2007 Martin Cassell, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2006 Paul M. Heidger, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2005 Fred R. Dee, PhD Pathology
2004 Gary Van Hoesen, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2003 Ramesh C. Bhalla, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2002 Nicholas J. Pantazis, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology
2001 Peter Rubenstein, PhD Biochemistry
2000 Thomas J. Schmidt, PhD Physiology & Biophysics
1999 Arthur Spector, MD Biochemistry
1998 William Johnson, PhD Microbiology
1997 Ronald A. Bergman, PhD Anatomy
1996 G. Edgar Folk, PhD Physiology & Biophysics