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Step 1: The Recruitment Plan

If an appointment is greater than 50% time and for more than one year, a Search must be conducted. Requisitions are initiated within Jobs@UIOWA.  The first step in faculty recruiting is submitting a recruitment plan via the HR Self-Service website. This form is located under the Administration tab. To initiate the process, select the link for "Jobs@UIOWA" followed by "Faculty" under the Create a Requisition header.

Required attachments include:

Some important items to remember for these forms:

  • When choosing the appointment type from the drop down menu, keep in mind that if you are considering faculty at the rank of Associate, Instructor, or Lecturer, that these are neither tenure track or clinical track and the appointment type of "Other" must be your choice. If you are not considering appointments at these ranks, choose Clinical, Research, Tenure, or Both accordingly. Also note that the appointment type cannot be changed once a requisition number is assigned.
  • The Working Title given to the position on the requisition will be the title displayed on the Jobs@UIOWA website.
  • The external ad (for posting in journals) must include language directing applicants to the pertinent requisition number listed on the Jobs@UIOWA website. Example: "To apply for this position visit The University of Iowa website at Job@UIOWA, requisition number_____."
  • Required in Advertisement: 

            - whether it is a tenure track, non-tenure track or open position
            - all ranks that will be considered
            - a brief description of the position
            - minimal required qualifications
            - application deadline

  • For faculty appointments with significant administrative responsibilities, both the internal and external ads must include a statement about demonstrated job experience with regards to diversity commitment. Suggested language by the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity includes:
    • Demonstrated commitment to promoting a diverse environment
    • Demonstrated knowledge of the principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity
    • Demonstrated commitment to human rights and equality
    • Demonstrated experience promoting a diverse workforce/academic environment
    • Demonstrated knowledge of effective strategies for working with diverse faculty, staff, and students
    • Demonstrated experience working effectively in a diverse environment
    • Demonstrated commitment to diversity in the educational community

The staff member responsible for submitting HR forms, such as the Pre-Interview Report and Search and Selection Summary form, MUST be listed as an administrator of the search committee in order to perform these tasks.

The submitted requisition is received and reviewed by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development.  The business plan/pro-forma will be reviewed by the Collegiate Compensation Review Committee, who meet weekly. Once Collegiate approval has been given, the recruitment plan will be forwarded in workflow for additional review and approval by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Notification of final approval will be automatically emailed by the workflow computer system to those on the workflow path. At that point, advertisements may be submitted to journals/websites and correspondence may be sent to targeted individuals.


Recruitment Process Step 2: Request permission to Interview