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Departmental Leadership

Jeffrey D. Quinlan, MD, FAAFP

  Chair and DEO
  Phone: 1-319-384-7500
  Email: jeffrey-quinlan@uiowa.edu


Jill Borrall PhotoJill Borrall, MHA, CMPE

  Clinical Department Administrator
  Phone: 1-319-384-7800
  Email: jill-borrall@uiowa.edu



Sanela Omic, MHA

Assistant Department Director 

Phone: 1-319-384-5924
Email: sanela-omic@uiowa.edu

Vice Chairs

Mary Gallagher, MD 

Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Phone: 1-563-263-0339
Email: mary-gallaher-1@uiowa.edu


Katherine L. Imborek, MD

Vice Chair for Clinical Operations
Phone: 1-319-384-7000
Email: katherine-Imborek@uiowa.edu


Kelly Skelly, portraitKelly Skelly, MD

Vice Chair of Faculty
Phone: 1-319-384-5197
Email: kelly-skelly@uiowa.edu


Jason Wilbur PhotoJason Wilbur, MD

Vice Chair for Education
Phone: 1-319-384-8996
Email: jason-wilbur@uiowa.edu