Research Distinction Track: Nominating a student for RDT

A medical student has designated you to be their mentor for the Research Distinction Track (RDT). The Medical Student Research Council is requesting that you send a nomination letter for each student you are mentoring.

The letter of nomination will give the Council an idea of the mentor/student researcher relationship, current and future projects, and will help the student formulate a better research plan for the future. PDF icon Example RDT Nomination letter.pdf

Please send a brief nomination letter for your student that includes:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Length of time you’ve known the student
  3. Number of weeks the student has participated in research with you
  4. Current project
  5. Plan for future research related activities. This would be a description of ongoing activities outside of the formal research time in which the student participates in things such as: attending local or national conferences; attending local journal clubs in your department; attending lab meetings or regular meetings with you; spending time working on writing a manuscript, etc.
  6. Indication that you agree to work closely with the student in this endeavor until graduation
  7. Your signature, name, and departmental affiliation(s)

Please address your nomination letter to Dr. Robert Roghair, Director - Iowa Medical Student Research Program, and upload it through the online application at

Any questions regarding the RDT can be directed via email to