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Participants' Responsibilities


  • Provide guidance to the student in their service opportunity search
  • Meet with the student in person once per semester to reflectively discuss volunteer experiences and impact
  • Assist the student in creating a service project plan that enhances existing services and/or fulfills a service need
  • Provide email correspondence to the student during the year as they work through their track experiences (volunteer, clinical and elective)

Student Responsibilities/Timeline

Year One—(or beginning of second year of medical school)

  • Explore your interest through elective courses--(CHO I, II, III) or Global Health Electives (Global Health Issues I, II and Global Health Seminar)
  • Apply for the track (due by end of M1 year)
  • Meet with track director to discuss volunteer experiences, track requirements and mentor search
  • Begin volunteer service
  • Consider summer service work through Proteus, MECO, or Global Health Program

Year Two

  • Continue volunteer service (submit volunteer tracking forms, yearly reflections, mentor meeting forms)
  • Meet with mentor to discuss volunteer experiences, assessing needs of service site and possible project focus

Year Three

  • Complete Clinical Experience and Elective experiences
  • Continued volunteer service
  • Work with an agency in the community to determine a real need and begin building service project

Year Four

  • Final capstone project proposal due to SDT council for approval (July 15; feedback and resubmittion possible)
  • Notification on "on track" for graduation with SDT for MSPE letters (September)
  • Fulfill project proposal plan
  • Complete volunteer service hours and reflections
  • Complete clinical or elective experiences
  • Final capstone project paper due (March)
  • Director notifies Registrar of Service Distinction (April)
  • Capstone project presentations (May)