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Financial Support for Global Health Opportunities

Many medical students face financial challenges when considering the pursuit of a Global Health Programs elective. Funding opportunities will be listed on this site as they come to our attention. We also encourage you to consider the following:

Applying for Global Health Programs Scholarships

The Global Health Programs office is using a common application form for all scholarships offered through the office. The scholarship application is integrated into the registration materials (last page) and should be submitted with your registration packet.

You can view a list of all the CCOM Global Health Scholarships and learn more about the donor and/or focus of the funding. If a letter is required for a specific scholarship, be sure to check the funding source materials to determine who the letter should be addressed to. If no addressee is specified, it's okay to use a generic such as "To whom it may concern" or "To the scholarship review committee" as the addressee.

To qualify for funding, students are required to spend a minimum of four weeks at a pre-approved site. The work must qualify for registration as a Global Health Programs elective. Recipients will become familiar with the cultural, social, and medical problems of the area they choose. All scholarship recipients must work under the supervision of a health care provider who has extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as a formal tie to the site (the organization or institution where the program or project is undertaken). A letter of acceptance from the supervisor confirming details of the proposed project and stating a willingness to assume responsibility for the student’s activities must accompany the scholarship application.

Global Health Programs medical student scholarships are considered on a rolling basis as long as resources are available.

Thank You Notes

When you successfully apply for funding, thank the funders before your program begins and again upon comletion. They will appreciate knowing how their funds were used.  This is a requirement of scholarship acceptance.

A sample template for a thank you letter and an example are available by following the link below. Do not copy the sample letter. Funders want to see your own words and hear of your experience, not receive identical thank you notes.

Sample Thank You

Additional Funding Sources

These funding sources utilize their own application form, not the application materials described above.