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Online Learning during COVID-19

Research Zoom seminars and workshops: 

A weekly list of zoom seminars and workshops is emailed on Mondays.  If you'd like to receive the emails or have an event to add, please contact Sonya Housholder.   


Support Resources

The University Counseling Service (UCS) offers opportunities for University of Iowa faculty, staff and students regardless of their current location, and intended to provide support and information while normal operating procedures at the university are suspended in response to COVID-19. Visit the UCS website for more information about all of these programs and information about additional services. The UCS will be offering a variety of virtual Zoom workshops and other opportunities throughout the summer.

Monday (weekly):

Tuesday (weekly): 

  • 10:30am: Soothe Your Anxiety  For UI students who are looking to better understand anxiety and develop some tools to cope with the symptoms they may experience. Topics change weekly.  https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/95959208919 

Wednesday (weekly):

  • 1:00pm: Kind Mind: COVID-19 Series  For weekly training in developing a kind mind to increase psychological wellness. Topics to be explored include resilience, compassion, and mindfulness with a focus on how they can help us improve our relationships and cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.  https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/136797650 
  • 3:00pm: Soothe Your Anxiety  For UI students who are looking to better understand anxiety and develop some tools to cope with the symptoms they may experience. Topics change weekly.  https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/98594921929  

Thursday (weekly):

  • 1:30pm: Mindfulness Matters  Practice of mindfulness for an increased sense of balance, stress management, and overall well-being.  Topic changes weekly.  Open to students and staff. https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/129398591
  • 3:30pm: Living Through Loss  Loss and grief seem more prevalent now as our lives are changing in response to the Coronavirus and COVID-19. Sometimes it can be helpful to have support and guidance while navigating loss. Living Through Loss, an open support group, offers that support to University of Iowa students. https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/442283949
  • 4:00pm: Success Not Excess  Designed to provide a safe and supportive space for students who are wanting to make or are considering changes in alcohol or other drug use. https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/596305220

Friday (weekly):

  • 11:00am: Chronic Health Concerns Support Group  School, work, and simply managing everyday demands can feel overwhelming. It can be even more challenging when you have a chronic health condition. https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/493006424
  • 1:00pm: Solidarity  This is a safe space for Asian-identified International/American students at UIowa to talk about concerns, share experiences, and stay connected with one another. Potential topics including racism and xenophobia, immigration issues, social distancing, and other adjustment difficulties relating to COVID-19. https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/201283078 
  • 1:00pm: ADHD Support Group  Living with ADHD can affect every part of life and, at times, feel isolating. By coming to a support group, you will be able to share coping strategies and meet people with similar lived experience who are dealing with similar issues. Come along to meet new people, learn strategies for success, expand coping skills, and share the challenges you're facing regarding being a student at the University of Iowa. If interested in joining, please contact Kyle Votroubek


Other Learning Opportunities


Interest Groups & Journal Clubs:

  • STEMCELL Online Journal Club: Neuroscience Series
  • Pain Interest Group: Work-in-Progress, Wednesdays 9:00-10:00am
  • Structural Biology Interest Group, Every other Thursday, 9:00-10:00am
  • Stem Cells and Neurodevelopment, First Friday of every month, 1:00-2:00pm
  • Topics in Radiation and Cancer Biology, Every other Monday, 11:30-12:30pm
  • Topics in Free Radical Biology and Medicine Journal Club, Every other Monday, 11:30-12:30pm

Recorded Seminars & Videos: 



  • National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative
    Interactive web-based instruction, expert videos, and articles of neuroscience relevant to psychiatry
  • G2C Online
    Interactive website with neuroscience information at multiple levels including high yield brief articles and expert videos by Cold Spring Harbor
  • EdgeforScholars: Lab-related things to do at home
    What meaningful activities can we perform given the inability to physically meet or be in our lab? Ideas include re-analyze data, reorganize digital content, re-prioritize, look for new grant opportunities, review articles and more.