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A molecule that prevents the immune system from attacking cancer may play a similar role with malaria
Targeting leukemia stem cells in combination with standard chemotherapy may improve treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia.
Elliott Sohn, MD, will take a break from being an ophthalmologist this week to help raise awareness of vision research in a unique way
University of Iowa spin-off Viewpoint Molecular Targeting has recently been awarded a $2 million Phase II NIH SBIR to support development of a new treatment for metastatic melanoma.
Peter Densen, MD, was honored with the 2017 Ron Arky Award from the Learning Communities Institute
Allyn Mark, MD, has received what is widely considered the premier award in hypertension research
The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine will hold its annual memorial service for the Deeded Body Program
The National Cancer Institute is giving $12.4 million for lymphoma research
Rare mutations cluster in specific biological pathways, suggest new targets for ED treatment
M2 investigates how shared plans of care impact health outcomes for children and youth