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Established by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Diabetes Research Center, the Metabolic Phenotyping Coreoffers an expanding repertoire of services for measuring metabolic output in cells and animals.
Grant Awardees October 2014-February 2015
Grant Awardees July-September 2014
The new STED system attains resolution below the diffraction limit of regular fluorescence microscopy by using using a depletion laser to shrink the fluorescing area of a specimen.
Dr. Bill Paradee is the new director of the Mouse Genome Editing Core Facility . Dr. Paradee joins Norma Sinclair, Patricia Yarolem, and JoAnn Schwarting in the generation of transgenic and knockout mouse production, and is committed to expansion of the mouse genetic manipulation services offered...
Updated and enhanced Lasergene 12 DNA software now enables users to analyze their own Next-Gen sequencing and microarray projects with their own Mac or Windows Desktop computer. The regular Lasergene software suite by DNAStar is useful for DNA sequence analysis and display, oligo and plasmid design...