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2012 Diabetes and Obesity Talks

DateSpeakerTalk Title
1/1/12Chris Adams, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Investigating Causes and Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy

2/8/12Allyn Mark, MD, University of Iowa

Clinical Implications of the Genetic Neurobiologic Contribution to Obesity and Physical Activity

3/7/12Charles Brenner, PhD, University of Iowa

A New Theory of Calorie Restriction in Yeast

4/4/12Brian Wansink, PhD, Cornell University

From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better

4/11/12Philipp Scherer, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern

Adipocyte – Derived Factors: Physiological Role and Clinical Relevance


Anne Kwitek, PhD, University of Iowa

Kamal Rahmouni, PhD, University of Iowa

Interaction of Nurture and Nature in Obesity and Diabetes

Uncommon Mechanism of Insulin Resistance Revealed
by a Rare Disease


Andrew Norris, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Leonid Zingman, MD, University of Iowa

Candy is Dandy, but Woe to the Embryo

Musclin- a novel exercise-induced myokine: potential role in adipose tissue mobilization

5/16/12Owen McGuinness, PhD, Vanderbilt University

Alpha cell dysfunction and glucose homeostasis

5/16/12Christian Bjokbæk, PhD, Harvard Univeristy

Hypothalamic Leptin Targets - Roles in Leptin's Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetic Actions

6/6/12James Levine, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic

NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - The Energy of Life

4/11/12William Sivitz, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Mitochondrial Function And Diabetes: Novel Methodology And A Closer Look

9/5/12Curt Sigmund, PhD, University of Iowa

Identification of Novel PPARg Target Genes and Pathways Regulating Cardiovascular Function

9/12/12Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University

The evolving role of doctors in promoting weight loss: from hopeless futility to cautious optimism

9/19/12E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, University of Utah

Molecular Mechanisms for Cardiac Dysfunction in Obesity

10/3/12Tamas Horvath, DVM, PhD, Yale University

Hunger-promoting hypothalamic neurons regulate higher brain functions and lifespan

10/10/12Linda Snetselaar, PhD, University of Iowa

Childhood Obesity: Parents Provide, Children Decide

11/7/12Eric Taylor, PhD, University of Iowa

Discovery of a Power Portal to the Eukaryotic Engine

11/14/12William Haynes, MBChB, MRCP, MD, University of Iowa

Pharmacotherapy of Obesity: Panacea or Peril?

12/5/12Gregory Welk, PhD, Iowa State University

Technology for Weight Management Programming and Virtual Health Coaching

12/12/12Edith Parker, DrPH, MPH, University of Iowa

Why Engage Communities in Research?: An overview of the rationale for and examples of Community-Based Participatory Research