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2015 Diabetes and Obesity Talks

DateSpeakerTalk Title
1/12/15Thomas Rutkowski, PhD, University of Iowa

ER protein folding, redox, and lipid catabolism: why they matter for fatty liver disease and liver cancer

1/16/15Gail Bishop, PhD, University of Iowa

CD40 & diet-induced obesity: An unexpected new role for an important receptor

2/2/15William Sivitz, MD, University of Iowa

Mitochondrial physiology: Novel concepts

2/9/15Masoud Ghamari-Langroudi, PhD, Vanderbilt University

A Novel 7TM Receptor Signaling Pathway and its Role in Energy Homeostasis

2/16/15Aloysius Klingehutz, PhD & Patrick Schlievert, PhD, University of Iowa

Adipocytes are Targets for Environmental and Bacterial Toxins: Role in Diabetes

2/23/15Sean Davies, PhD, Vanderbilt University

Engineering the gut microbiota to treat metabolic diseases

3/2/15Chad Grueter, PhD, University of Iowa

Regulation of Cardiac Transcription by the Mediator Complex

3/9/15Jiandie Lin, PhD, University of Michigan

The brown fat secretome: metabolic functions beyond thermogenesis

3/23/15Rajat Singh, MD, MBBS, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Autophagy and regulation of lipid metabolism

3/30/15Ira Goldberg, MD, New York University

White blood cell and glucose, unhappy together

4/6/15Charles Burant, MD, PhD, University of Michigan

Oxidative capacity, skeletal muscle fuel use and their relationship to aging

4/13/15Karin Bornfelt, PhD, University of Washington

Diabetes and Atherosclerosis – Insights Gained from Mouse Models

4/20/15Lori Sussel, PhD, Columbia University

Regulation of Pancreatic Beta cell Identity and Function

4/27/15Nicholas Stylopoulos, MD, Harvard University

Bypassing Diabetes by Reprogramming Intestinal Metabolism

5/4/15Heike Muenzberg, PhD, Louisiana State University

Central Circuits of thermoregulatory leptin action

5/11/15Donald McClain, MD, PhD, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Iron and hypoxia: Novel targets for treating and understanding diabetes

5/18/15Mehboob Hussain, MD, Johns Hopkins University

A novel endocrine regulatory mechanism between liver and islet of Langerhans

6/1/15Steven Lentz, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Dysregulation of PAI-1 in Obesity and Thrombosis

6/8/15W. Jack Rejeski, PhD, Wake Forest University

Weight Loss Interventions and Functional Health in an Aging Society

6/15/15Justin Grobe, PhD, University of Iowa

Tissue-Specific Roles of the Renin-Angiotensin System in Energy Balance Physiology

6/22/15Filipe Cabreiro, PhD, University College London

Worms need microbes too: microbiota, metabolism and ageing in C. elegans

6/29/15Paul Cohen, MD, PhD, Rockefeller University

Transcriptional Mediators of the Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissue Phenotype

7/8/15Leonard Epstein, PhD, SUNY University, Buffalo

Family-Based Obesity Treatment: A cost-effective platform for treating multigenerational obesity

7/13/15Nancie MacIver, MD, PhD, Duke University

The Effects of Nutrition on T cell Immunity: Malnutrition and immunodeficiency vs. Obesity and inflammation

7/20/15Sue Bodine, PhD, University of California, Davis

Sarcopenia: What accounts for the attenuated growth of skeletal muscle with aging?

8/3/15Matthew Brady, PhD, University of Chicago

Adipose Tissue in Health and Disease

8/10/15Kathleen Janz, EdD, University of Iowa

Preventing Obesity in Youth via Physical Activity:  The Observational Evidence

8/17/15Blake Rasmussen, PhD, University of Texas, Galveston

Role of Physical Activity in Amino Acid Sensing, Insulin Sensitivity and the Development of Anabolic Resistance in Human Skeletal Muscle


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Charles Brenner, PhD, University of Iowa

Justin Grobe, PhD, University of Iowa


Nicotinamide Riboside Improves Whole Body Metabolism and Nerve Function in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Non-Aerobic Resting Metabolism: Major Contributor to Energy Balance & Novel Target for Obesity Therapeutics


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Vitor Lira, PhD, University of Iowa

Philip Polgreen, PhD, University of Iowa


Potential regulation of fatty acid oxidation in muscle by ULKs

Physical Activity Surveillance

9/14/15Dongsheng Cai, MD, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Hypothalamic control of metabolic syndrome and aging

9/21/15Yumi Imai, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School

The role of lipid droplets in lipid metabolism and insulin secretion

9/28/15Peter Crawford, MD, PhD, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

Ketogenesis and protection from steatohepatitis

10/5/15Curt Sigmund, PhD, University of Iowa

Novel Independent PPARg Pathways in Vascular Smooth Muscle and Endothelium Regulate Vascular Tone and Arterial Pressure

10/12/15Anthony Ferrante, MD, PhD, Columbia University

Immune regulation of adipose tissue function

10/19/15Jed Freidman, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver

New Insights into the Early Origins of Obesity in Mouse, Monkey, and Man


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Robert Piper, PhD, University of Iowa

Michael Lutter, MD, PhD, University of Iowa


Search for Effectors of Glut4 translocation

Characterization of the HDAC4 A778T mouse model of eating disorders

11/2/15Carl Thummel, PhD, University of Utah

Studies of Metabolism and Diabetes in Drosophila

11/3/15Amelia Linnemann, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Molecular Mechanisms of Beta-cell Mass Regulation in Obesity

11/9/15Andrew Norris, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Developmental Origins of Insulin Resistance

11/16/15Christoph Buettner,MD, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Mechanisms linking metabolic dysregulation with inflammation

11/23/15Xiaoyang Yang, PhD, Yale University

Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Communication

11/30/15Brian O'Neill, MD, PhD, Harvard University

Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance: Is Glucose Disposal the Whole Story?

12/7/15Huxing Cui, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Hypothalamic Circuits: From Behavior to Metabolism

12/14/15John Cawley, PhD, Cornell University

The Economics of Obesity