Seminar Series

Every semester we are proud to host outstanding seminar speakers. These seminars are held Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. in 1117 or 2189 Medical Education Research Facility (MERF). All are encouraged to attend free of charge. If you are interested in more seminars at The University of Iowa, please visit the Carver College of Medicine's upcoming events.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in this program please contact the host listed below.

2018 Fall - 2019 Spring Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Host Title
Aug. 28
2189 MERF
John W. Elrod, PhD
Temple University
Dr. Yuriy Usachev
Mitochondrial Control of Metabolism and Genetic Reprogramming
Sept. 4
2189 MERF
Dawn E. Quelle, PhD
University of Iowa
  New Therapeutic Targets in Rare Cancers (NETs and MPNSTs)
Sept. 11
2189 MERF
Huxing Cui, PhD
University of Iowa
  Novel Insights into the Neurobiology of Eating Disorders
Oct. 2
2189 MERF
Paul A. Insel, MD
University of California, San Diego
Dr. Songhai Chen
Using GPCRomics to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets in Cancer
Oct. 9
1459 PBDB
Philippe M. Soriano, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Abdul Qaadir King-McAlpin
(co-sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine)
RTKs and All That Jazz: Signals That Instruct Cell Fate Decisions During Development
Oct. 18
4:00 pm,
1110 MERF
Douglas R. Lowy, MD
National Cancer Institute
Brody Lecture
(co-sponsored by Brody Committee / DBSLS)
Global Control of HPV-associated Cancers by Vaccination and Screening
Oct. 23
2189 MERF
Deniz Atasoy, PhD
University of Iowa
  Multi-Nodal Modulation of Hypothalamic Hunger Circuits by an Ascending Catecholamine Pathway
Oct. 30
2189 MERF
Javier González Maeso, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Catherine Marcinkiewcz
Role of 5-HT2A Receptor Signaling in Schizophrenia and Its Treatment
Nov. 6
2189 MERF
Songhai Chen, MD, PhD
University of Iowa
  Targeting GPCR Signaling as New Therapeutics in Cancer
Nov. 27
2117 MERF
Sabrina Diano, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Dr. Kyle Flippo
(co-sponsored by the Iowa Neuroscience Institute)
Central Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism
Dec. 4
2189 MERF
Changcheng Zhou, PhD
University of Kentucky
Dr. Anne Kwitek
(co-sponsored by the Oxidative Stress and Metabolism Thematic Area, EHSRC)
Linking Xenobiotic Exposure and Inflammation to Cardiometabolic Disease
Jan. 15
1117 MERF
Eric M. George, PhD
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
Dr. Justin Grobe
(co-sponsored by the Division of Nephrology)
Novel Molecular Mechanisms in Preeclampsia
Jan. 29
1117 MERF
Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, PhD
Northwestern University
Dr. Matthew Potthoff
(co-sponsored by the Iowa Neuroscience Institute)
CANCELLED: Oxytocinergic Modulation of Midbrain Dopamine Systems
Feb. 5
1117 MERF
Charles Brenner, PhD
University of Iowa
  Transgenerational Neurodevelopmental Benefits of Nicotinamide Riboside
Feb. 12
1117 MERF
James A. Bibb, PhD
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dr. Dawn Quelle Common Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets in Neurobiology and Cancer
Feb. 26
1117 MERF
Vanna Zachariou, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dr. Rory Fisher
(co-sponsored by the Iowa Neuroscience Institute)
Targeting RGSz1 to Optimize the Actions of Opioids
Mar. 5
1117 MERF
Garret D. Stuber, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dr. Deniz Atasoy
Dissecting the Neural Circuits that Mediate Motivated Behavior
Mar. 12
1117 MERF
Katelin E. Dannen, PhD
University of Iowa
  RGS6 and Neuropsychiatric Disease: Molecular Cloning of a Novel Brain-Specific RGS6 Isoform
Mar. 26
1117 MERF
Coles Haynes, PhD
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Dr. Stefan Strack
A Mitochondrial Stress Response, Aging and Toxic Genomes
Apr. 23
1117 MERF
Saul A. Villeda, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Stefan Strack
(co-sponsored by the Office for Cultural Affairs and Diversity Initiatives)
Mechanisms of Brain Aging and Rejuvenation
May 14
Kathleen Markan, PhD
The University of Iowa