Medical Spanish Course for Faculty

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Thank you for your interest in the Free Medical Spanish teaching course for clinical providers (Physicians (faculty, residents, fellows) and Advance Practice Providers (APPs)). 

This course is designed for clinical providers with an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish. The focus of this course will be Medical Spanish terminology, pronunciation and gaining confidence in obtaining a basic medical history and performing a physical examination of Spanish speaking patients through role playing. We will also discuss cultural practices and health beliefs unique to the Latinx/Hispanic community. Main objectives of this course include:

  • Translate basic anatomic terms from English and vice versa
  • Learn Medical Spanish terminology
  • Improve conversational skills during a medical interview with Spanish speaking patients
  • Practice taking a basic medical history and using commands to perform the basic physical examination
  • Increase cultural awareness about Latinx patients

The importance of this course is to establish and cultivate a trusting provider-patient relationship, as well as providing the best patient care possible. Fear is a common emotion that resides in patients who do not fluently speak English; therefore, having a base knowledge of Medical Spanish terminology can eliminate the fear Spanish speaking patients may feel. Lastly, demonstrating cultural humility through understanding the differences that are established in a Spanish speaking household will lead you to ask the right questions, as well as relay your understanding of specific cultural health practices.

Please fill out the survey below to help our team identify your personal interest in this course, time availability, commitment to the course, and day/time preference. 

Note - this course is designed for MD faculty, residents, fellows, and PA/NPs.

This course is currently designed for clinical providers.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

This course is designed for intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers only.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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