University of Iowa Health Care LGBTQ+ OutList

The UI Health Care LGBTQ+ OutList is a public and voluntary listing of members of our health care community who identify as LGBTQ+. The OutList serves as a resource for faculty, staff, resident, fellow, post-docs, and students. The OutList was created to foster an inclusive community, and to provide members of the LGBTQ+ community with informal networking and mentoring opportunities. Current, future, or prospective UI Health Care community members may contact people on the OutList to connect or to ask questions.

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  • Erin Abraham

    Nursing Assistant, 8JC- Burn/Trauma Unit

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Courtney Adkins

    Support Services Specialist, Hospital Dentistry

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Alexandra Alario

    Graduate Research Assistant, Psychiatry

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Sasha Alexander

    Executive Assistant, Medicine Administration

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Kortney Barrett

    Administrative Services Coordinator, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine

    Something else Demiflux Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Elin BeckMD

    Resident, Internal Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Jacob Bliss

    Physician Assistant Student, Carver College of Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Manda Bollinger

    Secretary, Pediatrics

    Woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Alex Brow

    Phlebotomy Tech I, Department of Nursing

    Non-binary Bisexual they/them/their
  • Elliot Burghardt

    Graduate Research Assistant, Medicine Administration

    Trans man Straight he/him/his
  • Justin BuzickMD

    Fellow Physician 5 Accredited, Internal Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Camilo Cano Portillo

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Tara Carr

    Research IT Support Analyst, ICTS-INFORMATICS

    Woman Something else Asexual she/her/hers
  • Jaeymes Childers

    Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacutical Care

    Something else Transmasculine Non-binary Queer Something else they/them or he/him
  • M.D. ColburnMD, MEd

    Adolescent Medicine Pediatrician, Pediatrics
    Associate Program Director, Pediatric Residency

    Cis man Gay Something else he/they
  • Daniel Czachura

    Social Worker III, Internal Medicine

    Man Queer he/him/his
  • Emily Dang

    Revenue Cycle Representative, Patient Financial Services

    Woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Heath DavisMS, MLIS

    Assistant Director for Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics
    IT Director, Carver College of Medicine

    Non-binary Queer they/them/their
  • Kristin Dentel

    RN, LDR

    Woman Queer she/her/hers
  • Emily Domingues

    Lead Application Developer, Information Technology Services
    Lead Application Developer, Health Care Information Systems

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Karen Dougall

    Clinic Service Specialist, Johnson County Family Care

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Megan Downs

    Physical Therapy Student, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

    Cis woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Elijah Elliott

    Gen Sci Lab, Microbiology and Immunology

    Cis man Bisexual he/him/his
  • Lucy Evans

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Claire Feeney

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Remy Finch

    Clinic Services Specialist , Administration

    Non-binary Queer Something else he/they
  • Mason Forquer

    Custodian I, Environmental Services

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Amy GalecioLISW

    Social Work Specialist , Psychiatry

    Cis woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Mary GallagherMD

    Clinical Assistant Professor , Family Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Bill Gemmill

    Facilities Services Coordinator, EVS, Childrens

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Paul GilbertPhD

    Associate Professor, Community and Behavioral Health, College of Public Health

    Cis man Gay he/him/his
  • Joel Gilbertson

    Behavioral Health Consultant, Pastoral Services

    Non-binary Queer they/them/their
  • Stephanie Gilbertson WhitePhD, ARNP

    Associate Professor, PhD Program Director, College of Nursing
    Palliative Medicine Fellowship Faculty, Internal Medicine, Palliative Care Program

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Erin Golden

    Program Coordinator, Psychiatry

    Queer Something else she/they
  • Elena Gorney

    Administrative Services Coordinator, Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Cis woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Grant Goss

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Lynda Green

    Advanced Reg Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Chelsea Green

    Program Coordinator , Ophthalmology

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Jacob Groen

    GME Resident 3, Graduate Medical Education

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Morgan GulleyMS

    Application Developer, Health Care Information Systems

    Cis woman Queer she/her/hers
  • Stephen HaysMS, MD, FAAP

    Clinical Professor, Anesthesia & Pediatrics, Director, Pediatric Pain Services

    Non-binary Something else Pansexual Something else He/They
  • AJ Heaps

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Bryce Hickle

    I.T. Support Consultant, HCIS

    Man Bisexual he/him/his
  • Ash Hoberg

    IT Support Consultant, Biomedical Informatics, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

    Non-binary Queer they/them/their
  • Darren HoffmannPhD

    Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Kathleen Huisinga

    Social Worker, Psychiatry

    Woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Rob HumbleMD, MS

    GME Resident 4, Graduate Medical Education

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Anthony HuntPharmD, BCPS

    Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Care

    Cis man Gay he/him/his
  • Grant Hurt

    Student, Carver College of Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Katie ImborekMD

    Clinical Professor, Family Medicine
    Co-Director, UIHC LGBTQ Clinic

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers