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University of Iowa Health Care LGBTQ+ OutList

The UI Health Care LGBTQ+ OutList is a public and voluntary listing of members of our health care community who identify as LGBTQ+. The OutList serves as a resource for faculty, staff, resident, fellow, post-docs, and students. The OutList was created to foster an inclusive community, and to provide members of the LGBTQ+ community with informal networking and mentoring opportunities. Current, future, or prospective UI Health Care community members may contact people on the OutList to connect or to ask questions.

If you would like to be removed the OutList please contact us at medicine-diversity@uiowa.edu.

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  • Aaron BosslerMD, PhD

    Clinical Professor, Pathology

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Michael D. ColburnMD, MEd

    Head of Adolescent Medicine, Director of the Adolescent Medicine Rotation, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Iowa Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Stephanie Gilbertson-White

    Associate Professor , College of Nursing
    ARNP, Internal Medicine, Palliative Care

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Jon GoodwinPhD

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Katie ImborekMD

    Associate Professor, Family Medicine
    Co-Director, UIHC LGBTQ Clinic

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Vicki KijewskiMD

    Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Michael Kotzan

    CNA, 2JPE

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Jane MillerMA, PhD

    Director, Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education (OCRME)
    Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Pixie PlummerMD

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Ben ReinkingMD

    Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
    Boulware Learning Community Co-Director, College of Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Jodi TateMD

    Vice Chair Clinical Services, Department of Psychiatry
    Co-DIrector, Intellectual Disability-Mental Illness Program, Department of Psychiatry

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Jenny Trana

    RN, MSS- 2JCP

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Douglas Van Daele

    Professor, Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery
    Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs, Carver College of Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Aislinn WilliamsMD, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

    Woman Queer she/her/hers
  • Jun XuMD

    Assistant Professor, Surgery

    Man he/him/his
  • William Zeitler

    Associate, Hematology/Oncology

    Man Gay he/him/his

Resident and Fellow Physicians / Postdocs

  • Elin BeckMD

    Resident, Internal Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Anthony Berger

    Resident Physician, Dermatology

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Camilo Cano Portillo

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Paige De Rosa

    Resident, Urology

    Woman Queer she/her/hers
  • Mary GallagherMD

    Resident, Family Medicine

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Jacob Groen

    Resident Physician, Family Medicine - Psychiatry

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Rob HumbleMD, MS

    Resident Physician, Pathology

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Christina KimMD

    Resident Physician, Pediatrics

  • Matthew MandellDO

    Rheumatology Fellow, Internal Medicine

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Meredith ParsonsMD

    Resident, Pathology

    Woman Queer she/her/hers
  • David RamirezMD

    Resident, Department of Ophthalmology

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Kevo RiveraMD

    Resident, Psychiatry

    Non-binary Queer Something else he/she/they
  • Kale Siebert

    Resident Physician, Family medicine and psychiatry

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Dana van der HeideMD, MPH

    Resident Physician, General Surgery

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers

Staff (P&S and Merit)

  • Tatiana AbrasOTR/L

    Occupational Therapist, Inpatient

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Essence Baymon

    Research Assistant and Data Manager, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Woman Bisexual Something else she/her/hers and they/them/theirs
  • Alyssa Bohlken

    Nursing Assistant , Department of Nursing

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Jessica BriertonLMSW

    Social Work Specialist I, Care Coordination Division

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Ricardo Charria

    Social Worker , Neonatal Intesive Care Unit - Stead Family Children's Hospital

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Ricardo CharriaLISW

    Social Worker, Neonatal Intesive Care Unit -NICU

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Jai Conroy

    Revenue Cycle Representative (Authorization Specialist), Clinical Cancer Center

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Daniel Czachura

    Behavioral Health Consultant, Internal Medicine

    Man Queer he/him/his
  • Emily Dang

    Revenue Cycle Representative, JOPFS - Payment Processing

    Woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Heath DavisMS, MLIS

    Assistant Director for Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics
    Lead Application Developer, CCOM IT

    Queer they/them/their
  • Ashley DurhamNCMA

    Medical Assistant, Medical Specialty Clinic

    Woman Bisexual she/her/hers
  • Joel Gilbertson-White

    Clinical Staff Chaplain - Interfaith, Spiritual Services

    Non-binary Queer they/them/their
  • Nikolaus Goecke

    Psychometrist, Psychiatry

    Man Bisexual he/him/his
  • Lynda Green

    Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Maddison Greer

    Revenue Cycle Representative, Emergency Department

    Woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • Kathleen Huisinga

    Social Worker, Psychiatry

    Woman Something else Pansexual she/her/hers
  • Anthony Hunt

    Man Gay he/him/his
  • Elizabeth Jackson

    Support Services Specialist, Medicine Specialty Clinics (Int Med)

    Non-binary Queer
  • Lexie King

    Trans woman Lesbian she/her/hers
  • James KinneyDNP, ARNP

    ARNP Hospitalist, Vascular Surgery

    Man Gay he/him/his