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The Effects of COVID-19 on Diverse and Vulnerable Populations Webinar Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected us all in some way.  COVID-19 has not only impacted the physical health of millions, but has also created a mental health, economic and social impact on our society.   Certain groups have been more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, including people living in poverty, the elderly, persons with disabilities, youth, and some racial and ethnic groups.  

This webinar series will highlight some of the effects of COVID-19 on diverse and vulnerable populations, especially populations greatly impacted in Iowa. 

 WEBINAR 1:  Responding Effectively to Mistreatment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been incidents of racism, xenophobia, and mistreatment toward individuals of Asian descent, both nationally and in our community.  David Moser, PhD, professor of psychiatry, and Destinee Gwee, a medical student in the Carver College of Medicine, cover several scenarios of subtle and more overt forms of offensive behavior, and offer tips and strategies for how to respond effectively.

WEBINAR 2: The Effects of COVID-19 on Diverse Populations

The goal of this 3 part webinar series is to learn about:

  1. Some of the diverse populations in Iowa and how they have been impacted by COVID-19 
  2. Recommendations for health care providers
  3. How to effectively use an interpreter during virtual/tele-health visits