What our student/trainee leaders are saying about the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM)...

 Micah Johnson (she/her/hers) - Association of Multicultural Scientist (AMS) President

Graduate student in the Neuroscience PhD Program 

Undergraduate institution:  Baylor University in Waco, TX

I chose the University of Iowa because of the access to a diverse range of resources within the Iowa Neuroscience Insititute. I was also impressed by the "Iowa nice" hospitality when I visited and knew I would fit in with the student-centered programs here. 

As president of AMS, I hope to bring leadership that emphasizes the importance of collaboration and embraces the individual differences that define us and ultimately foster an inclusive environment.

Nolan Mattingly (he/him/his) - Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate institution: Emory University, Atlanta Georgia 

I chose to attend CCOM for its phenomenal educational and research opportunities. On my interview day, it was clear that the university hospital and associated healthcare facilities provide world-class training, and the institution affords a variety of clinical research possibilities to explore and grow my interests in medicine.  

Servicing as the Co-President for SNMA has allowed me to play a role in improving the educational experience for myself, my peers, and future CCOM students. It has given me a vast network of medical students and physicians to call upon and to learn from their experiences as I progress in my medical career.

Rebecca Peoples (she/her/hers) - Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Co-President and White Coates for Black Lives (WC4BL) President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University

When I applied to college, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit any schools before it was time to decide.  I got very lucky with my choice and I am incredibly grateful for the experience I had.  I somehow stumbled across the perfect fit for me. Ultimately, what made college so special was the people, and I was looking to find a similar environment for medical school.  I found that here at Carver.  I could tell just walking around on my interview day how supportive the students were of each other, and I have seen and felt that support here every day since from classmates, faculty, and the administration.  

SNMA has been a defining part of medical school for me, first, because of the connections I have made to faculty and students both at Iowa and across the country, all of whom are committed to helping each other succeed in medicine.  As Co-President of SNMA, I have not only been able to explore new ways to help other minority students choose and find paths to medicine, but I have also been encouraged to think about ways we can work together to positively impact the experiences of minority communities and their interactions with healthcare.  

White Coats 4 Black Lives is a new organization here at Carver, and as President, I am excited to see the impact this community can have.  Recently, there has been a lot of conversation around topics of racism in different institutions and ways to be anti-racist.  I believe WC4BL is a way for us to not only continue these conversations, but to begin to take action to combat racism in medicine and in the community around us. This organization is special because it welcomes people of all backgrounds to look more closely at the systems we exist in, an important first step in working towards racial justice and providing better care.  

Katy Pham, MA (she/her/hers) - Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego 

I chose CCOM because of its amazing opportunities and supportive staff. From the very first day of M1 year, we started to interact with caring faculty and staff. They have been my constant support since then. From helping me apply and get awarded with summer research grants to helping me navigate the ups and downs of medical school, I feel so thankful for their presence in my life. I'm so happy to have chosen CCOM!  

APAMSA has been my community since the very beginning of medical school. I love the people who are in it and I love that they bring a piece of home to Iowa. Although we all come from different ethnic backgrounds, we come together by teaching each other about our culture through food and hangouts. 

Oscar Manuel Salas (he, him, his) - Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!)

During my interview at CCOM, I felt instantly welcome! The faculty and students seemed extremely approachable and relatable. This combined with the fact that the school is well-reputed and known for its quality medical education made the decision to attend Carver College of Medicine an obvious "yes".

My first involved experience with LMSA was one of the Spanish-speaking luncheon events. Everyone was very welcoming-so welcoming that after one meeting I agreed to go with everyone to the LMSA National Conference. This national conference cemented my decision to become more involved with LMSA. Meeting members of the organization from around the country reignited my desire to become involved with the Latinx community. Overall, I am confident as Co-President of LMSA, this organization will be a valuable medium through which to express my passion and voice at Carver College of Medicine.

Pombie Silverman (they/them/theirs) - EQUAL Meds Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: Carleton College

I choose CCOM because I liked the 1.5-year preclinical curriculum and wanted to be near family.

As Co-President this year, EQUAL Meds will be partnering with MSFC (Medical Students for Choice) to present a year-long lecture series (featuring physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and youth educators) on expanding definitions of reproductive that address the health needs for transgender and gender non-conforming patients. EQUAL Meds educates students on important topics that they might have little access to outside the classroom and also provides a warm community for LGBTQ+ students. 


Nathen Spitz (he/him/his) - EQUAL Meds Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: University of Iowa 

I believe that the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine offers a unique combination in offering opportunities to participate in world-class research, volunteer with and for underserved people and communities, and has an innovative curriculum that gives its students more time in clinics throughout their education to pursue and find their passions.

EQUAL Meds, the LGBTQIA+ student organization at Carver, prides itself in being a multi-facetted organization that works to create an inclusive and welcoming space for queer students and allies as well as to continue to educate ourselves and peers on a variety of topics regarding LBGTQIA+ health. 

Finding an organization like EQUAL Meds has helped me in my journey throughout medical school in multiple ways. As Co-President, I have been able to explore areas of interest regarding LGBTQIA+ health, as well as network with physicians, clinicians, and people working in those fields. EQUAL Meds has also helped me find a home in medical school where I truly feel that I can be myself, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Frida Teran (she/her/hers) -  Association of Multicultural Scientist (AMS) Social Activities Director and Latino Medical Student Association Past  President and Medical Spanish Coordinator

MD/PhD Graduate 2023 

Undergraduate Institution: St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX

I choose Carver College of Medicine after I participated in a summer undergraduate research internship here at the University of Iowa with the Medical Scientist Training Program. I fell in love with the field of neuroscience as well as Iowa City and its people. 

AMS is important to me because it is dedicated to support students from underrepresented backgrounds enrolled in graduate programs by helping them meet their academic, social, and professional needs while fostering an environment of cultural awareness and camaraderie.

Mimi Williams (she/her/hers) - Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) Co-President

M.D. Candidate | Class of 2023

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Davis

I chose Carver College of Medicine because of its welcoming and heart-warming nature. I was skeptical about moving halfway across the country to attend medical school, but Carver makes me feel like I have a home away from home. The faculty and students are so amazing and supportive!! 

One of the special things about APAMSA is being able to connect with other medical students who share similar experiences. I value the opportunity to have a place and people to help me stay connected to my Asian culture. As Co-President, it is important to me to help highlight the disparities that Asians or Asian-American providers/patients face and how these disparities affect medicine.