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Coping with Loss of Musical Enjoyment After Hearing Loss: Pages for Audiologists

last modified on: Wed, 05/05/2021 - 21:59

Coping with Loss of Musical Enjoyment After Hearing Loss:

Pages for Audiologists

Pages for audiologists



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These pages discuss:  

  Emotional and Social Losses that Accompany Loss of Music Enjoyment

This link describes the loss of music enjoyment associated with hearing loss and its impact on patients with hearing loss. 

This link describes stages of grief and adjustment to a hearing loss and how hearing professionals can support patients through different stages.

This link describes the transtheoretical model which helps hearing professionals understand the changes in attitude, behavior, and intentions that their patients with hearing loss go through in order to deal with hearing loss. This model can also be used as a framework to develop effective interventions for their patients.  


Self-efficacy: Coping with Hearing Loss and Stress

This link describes 1) self-efficacy, 2) the importance of self-efficacy in aural rehabilitation on music perception and enjoyment, 3) approaches to improve self-efficacy, and 4) the role of hearing professionals in promoting self-efficacy in patients. 


  Self-advocacy: Sticking Up for Your Own Needs

This link describes 1) self-advocacy, 2) the importance of self-advocacy in experiences with music, 3) the role of hearing professions in fostering self-advocacy skills in patients. 


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