I was impressed by the opportunities here as a faculty member. Each faculty member in the Department of Orthopedics is allowed to pursue their passion—whether it is a focus on clinical care, resident education, or research activities. Being able to spend my time on activities that I enjoy and where I feel I can make the most impact allows me to be a more effective faculty member.
The biggest thing is my role as an educator and a mentor and it’s the thing that provides me the most joy. I try to teach students to have fun with their science. You have to love coming to work every day, and I try to emphasize that to my trainees and put them in a situation to succeed based on their individual strengths.
Barbara McAneny (77MD, 80R) is finishing a one-year term as president of the American Medical Association, a role that has kept her on the road for about 250 days, meeting with AMA members and others across the country.
Iowa’s Patrick Sinn, PhD, has helped shape the world’s understanding of how this serious disease spreads at the cellular level.
When I started exploring career opportunities here, there had been a period of growth in neurology/neuroscience. This has continued almost exponentially, especially with the development of the Iowa Neuroscience Institute.
When it came time to look for a more long-term position, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics was already on my list, and I was blown away by how much the Emergency Department had grown during my absence.
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Eva Tsalikian, MD, will serve as interim chair and departmental executive officer (DEO) of the Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, effective June 2, 2019. As part of this role, she will also assume duties as interim physician-in-chief of University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.