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A new study that used genetic data from nearly 43,000 autistic individuals and their families has identified 60 autism spectrum-associated genes with exome-wide significance, including five new genes not previously implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders.
George Li did not always know he wanted to become a PA, but this career path became apparent as his interest in science grew along with his desire to serve his community. After graduating from Boston University in 2014 with a degree in linguistics, Li explored various career paths including education and programming. He valued the people-focused approach he developed while teaching and the problem-solving aspects of programming; he found that health care was a good intersection.
Recently hired early-career faculty of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine have had their initial leadership and faculty development impacted by the pandemic. This course will provide “pandemic-informed” health care, medical education, and research leadership skills to succeed at the Carver College of Medicine in this fast-paced new environment.
Though many of Adriana's family members in Puerto Rico are in medicine, she only began to imagine herself in a health career after a professor inspired her to pursue it. Then, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.
Peggy Nopoulos, MD, is a triple threat in the world of academic medicine as a clinician, researcher, and mentor.
Yumeng (“Yumi”) Engelking grew up in Chaozhou, a small city in southeast China. At the age of 11, she developed a disorder that caused significant hair loss. Though the illness wasn’t life threatening, it was detrimental to her self-image, and that experience has shaped the way she views specialty care in medicine.
Sierra Sheets’ interest in medicine began at a life-changing visit with her own medical provider when she was in high school. “She gave me a listening ear, not just about my physical checkup but truly listening to any problem I had going on. She supported me in a way I didn’t feel supported at the time,” Sheets says. “The first time you feel heard is a big moment."
Stephanie Meza is excited to learn about Iowa’s communities and how she can leverage her own experience to help Iowans. “The challenges I went through developed in me an ability to find a way out of no way," Meza says. “It’s given me the confidence and tenacity to solve problems that seem unsolvable.”
Azariel Coss likes taking things apart and putting them back together. He enjoys tinkering with electronics and recently built his first gaming computer from scratch. This fall, he’ll apply his analytical skills to medical school. “I always liked breaking stuff down, seeing how it worked—which probably wasn’t fun for my mom,” Coss says.
The Carver College of Medicine welcomes a new class of MD, PA, and PhD students with three ceremonies in August 2022.