Match Day, Friday, March 16, is one of the most anticipated days in the careers of 150 fourth-year medical students at UI Carver College of Medicine. Like thousands of their counterparts at medical schools around the country and others worldwide, they learn on Match Day where they will pursue their training as residents.
UI Carver College of Medicine faculty are urged to go online to cast their votes in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals” survey. The deadline for doing so is March 22.
A Trio of Representatives Since their white coat ceremony nearly four years ago, Roger Sur, Anna Mark, and Brad Egbers have been media representatives for the medical class of 2018. They and their classmates helped launch a new approach to the medical curriculum, and members of the Carver College...
Meet Nicholas Butler, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Meet Paloma Giangrande, PhD, Associate Professor
Meet David Kaczka, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Meet Sarah Haskell, DO, Program Director of the Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship
A research team led by Aliasger K. Salem and Kareem Ebeid at the University of Iowa has developed a method for targeting malignant tumors using nanoparticles that carry a combination of chemotherapeutic drugs directly to the tumors without affecting healthy tissue.
In a new study, University of Iowa researchers studied how people stopped an action. The researchers found that when participants heard an unexpected sound, they stopped an action more often than when they heard no sound at all.
A new approach tested by researchers at the University of Iowa shows that de-identified data from a “smart thermometer” connected to a mobile phone app can track flu activity in real time at both population and individual levels and the data can be used to significantly improve flu forecasting.