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Health care workers across the country, including those from University of Iowa Health Care, are invited to join the HERO Registry, a large, national clinical research community sharing clinical and life experiences to understand the perspectives and problems they face on the COVID-19 pandemic front lines.
Graduates of the Carver College of Medicine and their families and friends are invited to view the college’s spring 2020 commencement ceremony on Friday, May 15.
Applying to medical school can be a stressful experience for even the most capable student. Faculty and admissions staff at University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine have compiled a list to help you tackle the application process and get ahead of the curve.
University of Iowa Health Care researchers have started a new clinical trial to determine if plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients can help treat patients currently hospitalized with the disease.
Researchers at the University of Iowa and the University of Georgia have developed a vaccine that fully protects mice against a lethal dose of MERS, a close cousin of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
Name of graduate program: Immunology Undergraduate institution: University of Minnesota Hometown: Grayslake, Ill. Why did you choose the University of Iowa to pursue your graduate degree? When I interviewed at the University of Iowa, I could tell it was a collaborative environment. The graduate...
Today is still Match Day – the day when graduating medical students across the country find out where they will do their residency training. But with the COVID-19 pandemic up ending everyday life across the country, it may be the most unusual Match Day ever.
In its latest listing of “Best Graduate Schools,” U.S. News & World Report ranks the 6 medical school programs nationally ranked—with 2 in the top 5.
Lucille (Luci) Howard grew up in Clutier, Iowa, a small, rural town with a population of 200 people. The daughter of a cake decorator and iron manufactory worker, Lucille was the first in her family to pursue higher education.
The transition to medical school can be tough. For Kalyn Campbell, a fourth-year student in the Carver College of Medicine, it helped to know she wasn’t alone.