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As the number of IDD diagnoses increases, University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD) and the Iowa Neuroscience Institute (INI) are joining forces with other researchers, clinicians, physicians, and scientists across the UI enterprise to form a new center aimed at advancing care for Iowans with IDDs.
After more than a decade’s delay, Joseph McDonell is ready to become a doctor.
Kallner, who placed first in the women’s 1-mile run last year with a time of 5 minutes, 21.87 seconds, will serve as an ambassador this year, helping to plan and promote the run.
Effective January 25, 2022, the NIH will require changes to biosketches. Below is an abbreviated guide. New Biosketches are slightly different for Fellowship Grants (F-awards, R36 and research supplements for undergraduate researchers to promote diversity in health-related research) vs all others,...
A new study finds that remdesivir, the first new medicine approved for treatment of COVID-19, is not associated with improved survival, but is associated with longer hospital stays for patients.
The global and long-term impact of this microorganism on human health is what motivates researcher Mary Weber, PhD, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology .
Addressing a shortage of mental health experts in rural parts of the state
Metabolism of phytoestrogen by gut bacteria protects mice from MS-like inflammation.
A survey conducted by Aaron Scherer, PhD, assistant professor of internal medicine in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, and a team of researchers from the UI College of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Rand Corp., found that adolescents and the parents of adolescents are split on their attitudes about adolescents getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
Research by University of Iowa scientists points to a potential new target for preventing and treating migraines, a condition that causes severe headaches and other sensory disruptions.