Clinical Research

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Team of the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation is a team that works in conjunction with faculty, residents, fellows, medical students and other researchers on all aspects of their clinical research.  From IRB application, grant submission, completion of the project, presentations, publication and project closure, the Team is involved in all aspects.  We currently have retrospective review studies, long-term follow-up studies, and prospective studies including multi-center trials.  We are also one of the few departments at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics that has an Umbrella IRB for retrospective studies.


Clinical Research Team Personnel:

Steve Liu, MD, MBA, Director, Clinical Research

Orthopedics Grant Services –
Kelly Andringa, PhD, MBA,  Research Manager
Elisabeth Buettner, BS, Lab Manager, Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab
Abigail Smith, BS,  Research Support Specialist, Ignacio Ponseti Orthopedic Cell & Molecular Research Lab

Biostatistics & Epidemiology Team
Natalie Glass, PhD, MHCDS, Associate Research Scientist
Yumeng Gao, BS, MS, Biostatistician
Krit Petrachaianan, MS, Graduate Research Assistant
Orthopaedic Surgery - Epidemiology and Biostatistics (

Electronic Medical Record & Resident Research
Jill Corlette, MS, ATC, Research Associate 

Hand & Upper Extremity Service
Ignacio Garcia Fleury, MD, Associate Research Scientist

Pediatric Service
Lori Dolan, PhD, Research Scientist

Shoulder & Elbow Service & AAOS Registries
Maria Bozoghlian, MD, Research Associate

Spine Service
Reagan A. Grieser-Yoder, BS, Research Assistant (Olinger)
Crystal Maldonado, BA, Research Assistant (Pugely)

Sports Medicine
Armand John Gentile, BS, Research Assistant
Shelby Hulsebus, BS , Research Assistant
Shannon Ortiz, MPH, Research Associate

Total Joint Arthroplasty Service
Lauren Crowe, BS, Research Assistant
Caleb McCabe, BS, Research Assistant
Victoria Tappa, MS,  Research Assistant

Trauma Service
Ashley Kochuyt, BS,  Research Associate

Tumor Service
Abigail Grothe, MS,  Research Assistant