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About the Program

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PREP@Iowa is a post-baccalaureate research education program that will provide recent graduates from groups traditionally underrepresented in biomedical fields with a highly supportive and customized program of career development activities, seminars, coursework, GRE preparation and laboratory research experiences. This program is designed to enhance the participants' qualifications and competitiveness for graduate school.

During the year-long program, participants will acquire requisite skills in the laboratory, conduct independent research, benefit from a GRE prep course, and will be introduced to graduate level coursework. PREP@Iowa scholars will also benefit from exemplary cross-cultural mentoring and will establish lasting mentor-mentee relationships that will ensure success in graduate school. We anticipate PREP@Iowa "graduates" will be highly competitive applicants for top tier PhD and MD/PhD programs nationwide.

Financial Support

  • PREP Scholars receive a stipend of $27,200 spread out over the course of the year 
  • Health insurance for the PREP program participant
  • Additional insurance for dependents can be purchased
  • Tuition and fees for one graduate course (fall semester with option for second graduate course during spring semester)
  • GRE preparation course
  • Travel support to present research at conferences
  • Housing is not provided by the program - Off-Campus Housing Information
  • Participants will have access to University of Iowa Recreational Services
  • Participants will not be permitted to have additional employment during this program
  • Relocation support of $1,500



Scholar Interviews Offered Acceptances Matriculated Status
1 U Iowa, Washington U, U Michigan, U Wisc Madison U Iowa, Washington U, U Mich, U Wisc Madison Washington U Post-comp
2 U Iowa, U Arizona, St. Louis U U Arizona U Arizona M.S. awarded Now in Ph.D. portion
3 U Iowa, Loyola U Loyola Univ Loyola Univ Post-comp
4 U Iowa, IUPUI U Iowa, IUPUI U Iowa Post-comp
5 U Minnesota, Michigan State U, Mayo Clinic, U Iowa, UIC GEMS, Rosalind Franklin, Loyola U Iowa, Michigan State U, U Illinois at Chicago GEMS U Illinois at Chicago GEMS Probation
6 U Iowa, U Arizona, U Utah U Arizona, U Iowa, U Utah U Arizona Good standing
7 U Iowa, Johns Hopkins U, U Alabama Birmingham, U Michigan, Duke U, Case Western, Vanderbilt U, Ohio State*, UCLA*      *declined due to scheduling conflicts U Alabama Birmingham, U Iowa, Vanderbilt U, U Michigan, Johns Hopkins Vanderbilt U Good standing
8 U Iowa, U Alabama Birmingham, Northwestern U, U Utah, Purdue University, Case Western U Purdue U, U Utah, Case Western U Case Western U Good standing
9 U Vermont, U Iowa, Georgetown U U Iowa U Iowa Good standing
10 U Wisconsin Madison M.S. in Biotechnology U Wisconsin Madison M.S. in Biotechnology U Wisconsin Madison M.S. in Biotechnology  
11 U Minnesota U Minnesota M.S. in Pharmacology U Minnesota M.S. in Pharmacology  
12 U Alabama Birmingham, U North Carolina, Rutgers U, Texas A&M U Alabama Birmingham, Texas A&M; Rutgers U Texas A&M Good standing
13 U Iowa, U Mississippi, Indiana U Indiana U Bloomington; U Mississippi Indiana U Bloomington Good standing
14 Did not apply to any programs N/A N/A  
15 U Iowa, UC Irvine, U Southern Cal, Harvard U, Johns Hopkins U, UC Davis, Brown U U Iowa, UC Davis, Hopkins U, U Southern Cal Johns Hopkins U In training
16 U Iowa, U Washington   Johns Hopkins U (MSC) In training
17 U Iowa, Penn State U, George Washington U, Iowa State U, Medical College of WI Penn State U, Medical College of WI Medical College of WI In training
18 U Iowa, Thomas Jefferson U, Penn State U, Temple U, Rutgers U, U Rochester Penn State U, U Iowa, Temple U, U Rochester University of Rochester In training
19 U Iowa, Penn State U, U Rochester, Uniformed Services U U Iowa, U Rochester, Uniformed Services U Uniformed Services U In training