Dr. Selby Earns DF Award

Dr. John Selby has received a Physician Scientist Career Development Award from the Dermatology Foundation.  The Dermatology Foundation's Research Awards Program offers a variety of awards that are intended to advance the early academic careers and research efforts of physicians and scientists in dermatology and cutaneous biology. An emphasis is placed on supporting research that benefits the dermatology community at large and has significant potential to advance patient care. It is the expectation that the recipients of Foundation awards will be tomorrow's expert teachers, innovative investigators and master clinicians in dermatology.

Dr. Selby's project, "The Mechanobiological Paradigm of Keratinocyte Re-Epithelialization: Effects Of Matrix Stiffness" was one of six physician scientist career development awards given by the Dermatology Foundation in 2016.

For more information about the Dermatology Foundation, visit https://dermatologyfoundation.org/.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016