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Planning for Enjoyment of Music Listening at Home: A Decision Tree for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Users

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Planning for Enjoyment of  Music Listening at Home: 

A Decision Tree for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Users

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Enjoying complex listening environments can be difficult for people with hearing devices!

People who have healthy hearing often take for granted the enjoyment that comes from sitting down to relax and listen to a favorite recording. For people with hearing loss, including those using cochlear implants or hearing aids, listening to music can be anything but enjoyable and relaxing. Listening to complex music tends to be very challenging for people who use hearing devices.  


This page includes a series of decision trees. A decision tree is a diagram that helps people to solve problems by showing decisions and various options to consider. Like a tree, these diagrams have many branches. The decision trees below describe challenges and possible solutions to help you enjoy listening to music at home. A person with a hearing loss cannot control everything, but they can sometimes make optimal choices in order to improve their choices and control over the environment. While the exact options in the decision trees may not work for you, these examples also give you an idea of a thought process---how to break down a difficult situation into smaller,  more solvable problems. You might think of other great options that work even better for your situation. 


Decision Tree for Listening to Music at Home

  • Click the pdf file to view the decision trees which aid problem-solving and maximize your experiences when listening to music at home: PDF icon Listening to music at home.pdf



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