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Research Staff

Maia Alberts

Maia Alberts imageResearch Assistant, Weiss Laboratory

Email: maia-alberts@uiowa.edu   




Kurt Bedell

Kurt Bedell

Research Assistant, Perlman Laboratory

Email: kurt-bedell@uiowa.edu


Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill Research Associate, Wu Laboratory

Email: mike-cahill@uiowa.edu




Gretchen Cleve

Research Assistant, Roller Laboratory

Email: gretchen-cleve@uiowa.edu

Nirmal Dutta

Nirmal DuttaResearch Assistant, Butler Laboratory

Email: nirmal-dutta@uiowa.edu



Robert Faris

Robert FarisAssociate Research Scientist and Course Lecturer, Weber Laboratory
Address: 3-334 BSB

Email: robert-faris@uiowa.edu



MaryTherese Gehrmann

Research Assistant, Roller Laboratory

Email: mary-gehrmann@uiowa.edu

Françoise Gourronc

Françoise GourroncAssistant Research Scientist, Klingelhutz Laboratory

Email: francoise-gourronc@uiowa.edu



Stacey Hartwig

Stacey HartwigResearch Specialist, Varga Laboratory

Email: stacey-hartwig@uiowa.edu




Alison Haugo-Crooks

Alison Haugo-CrooksResearch Assistant, Roller Laboratory

Email: alison-haugo@uiowa.edu



Isaias Herring

Izzy HerringResearch Intern, Weber Laboratory

Email: isaias-herring@uiowa.edu



Theresa Ho

Theresa HoAssociate Research Scientist and Course Lecturer, Ellermeier Laboratory
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Email: theresa-ho@uiowa.edu



Bruce Hostager

Bruce HostagerAssociate Research Scientist, Bishop Laboratory

Email: bruce-hostager@uiowa.edu




Caro Icardi

Caro IcardiResearch Intern, Weber Laboratory

Email: carolina-icardi@uiowa.edu



Shaubhagya Khadka

Khadka ShaubhagyaResearch Assistant, Wu Laboratory

Email: shaubhagya-khadka@uiowa.edu




Samuel Kilgore

Sam KilgoreResearch Associate, Schlievert Laboratory

Email: samuel-kilgore@uiowa.edu



Emma Luhmann

Emma LuhmannResearch Assistant, Radoshevich Laboratory

Email: emma-luhmann@uiowa.edu



Crystal Maldonado

Research Assistant, Wu Laboratory

Email: crystal-maldonado@uiowa.edu

Paige McCaslin

Paige McCaslinResearch Assistant, Weber Laboratory

Email: paige-mccaslin@uiowa.edu



Ute Müh

Ute MuhAssistant Research Scientist, Ellermeier Laboratory

Email: ute-muh@uiowa.edu



Abby Odle

Research Assistant, Perlman Laboratory

Email: abby-odle@uiowa.edu

Kyp Oxley

Kyp OxleyResearch Specialist, Bishop Laboratory

Email: kyp-oxley@uiowa.edu



Ruangang Pan


Ruangang Pan imageAssistant Research Scientist, Perlman Laboratory

Email: ruangang-pan@uiowa.edu



Heena Panchal

Henna PanchelResearch Associate, Mailloux Laboratory

Email: heena-panchal@uiowa.edu




Stacia Phillips

Stacia PhillipsAssistant Research Scientist, Wu Laboratory

Email: stacia-phillips@uiowa.edu



Jesse Plung

Jesse Plung imageResearch Intern, Manicassamy Laboratory

Email: jesse-plung@uiowa.edu



Peng Shao

Peng ShaoAssistant Research Scientist, Butler Laboratory

Email: peng-shao@uiowa.edu



Parker Smith

Research Assistant, Weber Laboratory

Email: parker-smith-2@uiowa.edu

Mikaela Tremblay

Research Associate, Houtman Laboratory

Email: mikaela-tremblay@uiowa.edu

Christopher Tucker

Chris Tucker

Research Associate, Tucker Laboratory

Email: christopher-tucker@uiowa.edu



Molly Vickers

Molly VickersResearch Assistant, Perlman Laboratory

Email: molly-vickers@uiowa.edu


Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth WarrenResearch Assistant, Limoli Laboratory

Email: elizabeth-warren@uiowa.edu



Eric Weiman

Eric WeimanResearch Assistant, Manicassamy Laboratory

Email: eric-weiman@uiowa.edu



Nathaniel Wieting

Research Assistant, Bishop Laboratory

Email: nathaniel-wieting@uiowa.edu

Atsushi Yahashiri 

Atsushi YahashiriAssistant Research Scientist, Weiss Laboratory

Email: atsushi-yahashiri@uiowa.edu