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The University of Iowa Mobile Clinic typically sees more than a thousand patients each year at approximately twelve sites. Thanks to volunteers, grants, and donations, the Mobile Clinic provides care to underserved populations in Iowa City and surrounding locations.
NIH has updated its application forms and instructions to support the need for applicants and recipients to provide full transparency and disclosure of all research activities, foreign and domestic. NIH researchers need to be aware of changes to the Other Support format and requirements outlined in the notice.
White matter vs gray matter: Damage to dense structural connections in the brain is a better predictor of poor outcomes than damage to functional hubs.
Megan Horne will begin specialty training as a resident physician with the Emergency Department at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics for her residency.
Paige Brady from Colorado Spring, Colorado choose Radiologic Technology/MRI.
Katherine Truc Phan from Davenport, Iowa choose Nuclear Medicine Technology.
Layken Gurwell from Winterset, Iowa choose Diagnostic Medical Sonography Cardiac/Vascular.
Colette Miller from Cedar Rapids, Iowa choose Mast of Clinical Nutrition Program.
Briana Frank from Buffalo Grove, Illinois choose Radiation Therapy.
Graduates of the Carver College of Medicine and their families and friends are invited to the college’s second spring 2019 commencement ceremony on Friday, May 17.