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UI study finds amygdala region linked to persistent loss of breathing after seizure
Calvin Carter, PhD, assistant professor of neuroscience and pharmacology, is one of 58 early-career scientists from across the nation to receive a 2023 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. Carter will use the five-year, $1.5-million award to support his innovative research mapping the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, which are pervasive in modern society, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to radio waves and the naturally occurring fields of the Earth.
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students made a run for it Sept. 24 at the university’s Francis X. Cretzmeyer Track. A total of 226 students from the college’s MD, PA (physician assistant), PT (physical therapy), Master of Clinical Anatomy, and Master of Clinical Nutrition programs...
Treatments for emotionally tolling hair loss disorders have been limited; research is driving a new era of interventions.
The Carver Rural Iowa Scholars Program is preparing doctors to serve the smaller-size communities where they are needed most, closing health care gaps in Iowa.
A student-led study highlights faculty role-modeling in building a compassionate health care workforce.
A pediatrics researcher is probing the immune system’s role in long-term brain deficits.
Women’s Health Tissue Repository sheds light on high-risk pregnancies.
Nicholas Mohr built the emergency care research program in the UI Department of Emergency Medicine as its first tenured professor. His main research focus is improving community and rural hospitals’ care for critically ill adults through telemedicine and other operational interventions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he distinguished himself with research related to the pandemic’s effect on health care workers through his leadership of the Project PREVENT study. As a medical educator, Mohr has been honored with teaching and mentorship awards from medical students and resident physicians.
Denise Martinez has worked tirelessly to address health disparities throughout Iowa during her time with UI Health Care. Alongside her creation and support of student organizations focused on inclusion and belonging in medical training, she has connected students of all backgrounds with opportunities in medicine through individual mentorship. She has also encouraged the next generation of health professionals to serve rural and disadvantaged patient populations with empathy. Martinez served as interim associate VP for health parity and associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion through July 2023.