Cell and Molecular Biology

Christopher A. Ahern, PhD

Function and pharmacology voltage-gated sodium channels that drive rapid upstroke of the action-potential throughout the body

Michael G. Anderson, PhD

Genetic and molecular dissection of mechanisms contributing to ocular disease

Kevin P. Campbell, PhD

Cell membrane integrity and muscular dystrophy

Michael Henry, PhD

Molecular and cellular biology of cancer metastasis

Wayne A. Johnson, PhD

Molecular mechanisms of sensory signal transduction

Scott Moye-Rowley, PhD

Molecular and cellular biology of eukaryotic stress resistance

Robert C. Piper, PhD

Genetic and biochemical analysis of cellular machinery controlling lysosome and endosome biogenesis

Andrew Russo, PhD

Control of neuronal gene expression involved in migraine

Julien Sebag, PhD

Mechanisms by which MRAP2 regulates energy expenditure and signaling pathways

Mark A. Stamnes, PhD

Mechanisms of protein sorting and vesicular transport; mechanisms of cell structure assembly

Curt D. Sigmund, PhD

Transcriptional regulation of renin and angiotensinogen gene expression in transgenic mice; post-transcriptional regulation of renin expression