Christopher A. Ahern, PhD

Function and pharmacology voltage-gated sodium channels that drive rapid upstroke of the action-potential throughout the body

Michael G. Anderson, PhD

Genetic and molecular dissection of mechanisms contributing to ocular disease

Kevin P. Campbell, PhD

Cell Membrane Integrity and Muscular Dystrophy

N. Charles Harata, PhD

Structure and function of synapses in mammalian brains

Wayne Johnson, PhD

Sensory control of innate behaviors

Amy Lee, PhD

Ca2+ signaling at ribbon synapses; Ca2+ channels and neuronal excitability

George Richerson, MD, PhD

Sensing and regulation of systemic pH by Serotonin neurons

Andrew Russo, PhD

Control of neuronal gene expression involved in migraine

Julien Sebag, PhD

Mechanisms by which MRAP2 regulates energy expenditure and signaling pathways