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Fees and Billing

Metabolite Profiling

The service rates is determine by analysis method:

  • GC-MS: Includes analytes from glycolysis and TCA cycle, neurotransmitters, amino acids, carbohydrates, and fatty acids.
    • $80/samples for University of Iowa researchers
    • $95/sample for all other requests
  • LC-MS: Includes redox metabolites, coenzymes, carnitines, nucleotides, and lipidomics (pending).
    • $175/sample for full LC-MS panel including approximately 250 metabolites
    • Acyl-carnitine panel: $50/sample or $30/sample if included with GC-MS profiling
    • Redox/nucleotides/energetics panel: $65/sample or $40 if included with GC-MS profiling

GC-MS and LC-MS Isotopomer Tracing

Please contact the Core Director with an outline of your experimental design before initiating the sample submission process as extra calibration may be required.

For your reference, the base cost is $150/sample at this time.

Sample Submission​

Please download and complete the PDF iconsample submission form and send to the Core Director to initiate your service request.

Before sending your samples, please be sure to consult our Sample Preparation Guidelines.