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Current Research Award Recipients

Three five-year Research Scholar Awards were given to tenure track faculty who show outstanding promise in the field of diabetes/obesity research.  Additionally, the FOE DRC Pilot Project Program awards $50,000 annually to young investigators who propose to establish a research career in diabetes/obesity, to senior investigators in another field who want to explore a project related to diabetes/obesity, or to an established diabetes/obesity investigator who proposes to pursue an entirely new approach.  Recipients are chosen based on a competitive evaluation of proposals submitted by the applicants. 

Research Scholar Recipients

Andrew Norris, MD, PhD 
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Project Title: To identify early points of intervention that will serve to reduce a person's lifetime risk of diabetes.
Kamal Rahmouni, PhD 
Associate Professor
Project Title: To provide new insights into why certain individuals develop diabetes or its complications.

Current Pilot Project Program Recipients

Catalyst Awards

Jon Resch, PhD

Assistant Professor
Neuroscience and Pharmacology 
Project title: "Genetic dissection of hypothalamic regulators of thermogenic adipose tissue." 

Ling Yang, PhD

Associate Professor 
Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Project title: "The Role of Pituitary-Hepatic Crosstalk in Obesity-Associated Fatty Liver Disease." 

Seed Grant Recipient

Erin Talbert, PhD

Assistant Professor
Health and Human Physiology
Project title: "Insulin resistance in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer-induced cachexia."