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FUTURE in Biomedicine

2023 FUTURE in Biomedicine Collaborators - Story by Celine Robins 

About the Program

The FUTURE in Biomedicine℠ program develops research and learning partnerships with professors from Iowa colleges that do not offer doctoral programs. Fostering Undergraduate Talent - Uniting Research and Education in Biomedicine: FUTURE opens University of Iowa laboratories to Iowa college professors and their undergraduates.

Through a competitive application process, Iowa college professors are invited to conduct a research project in the laboratory of a faculty member of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine during the summer. The selected FUTURE fellows receive a stipend. 

In addition, the program supports a talented undergraduate from the college professor's home institution to participate in the research project. Students receive dormitory lodging.

Through the FUTURE in Biomedicine℠ program, the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine is committed to
  • Fostering closer research collaborations between its faculty and those of primarily undergraduate institutions throughout the state of Iowa.
  • Mentoring talented undergraduates who will be our next generation of physicians and biomedical scientists.
  • Promoting opportunities to translate biomedical discoveries and methods into educational materials used in Iowa's college classrooms.
  • Making its research facilities available to a statewide network of scientist-educators.

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FUTURE in Biomedicine℠ fellows and students
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