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A soon-to-be-published study by researchers from the Iowa Neuroscience Institute indicates that protecting nerve cells with a specific compound helps prevent memory and learning problems in lab animals.
Back-of-brain region key to frontal dysfunction tied to schizophrenia
A group of Carver College of Medicine students visited the Iowa state capitol to attend a hearing of the interim legislative study committee
In mice, the male brain is vulnerable and the female brain resilient to a genetic cause of autism
As Jean Robillard transitions from leadership role, colleagues reflect on a remarkable career.
Meet Katherine Gibson-Corley, comparative pathologist
Meet Sinyoung Kang, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
A molecule that prevents the immune system from attacking cancer may play a similar role with malaria
Targeting leukemia stem cells in combination with standard chemotherapy may improve treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia.
Elliott Sohn, MD, will take a break from being an ophthalmologist this week to help raise awareness of vision research in a unique way