Preferred Program of Study

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
YEAR 1 Medicine Pre-Clinical 1
5 courses, 21 hours
17 weeks, August to December
Medicine Pre-Clinical 2
4 courses, 20hours
18 weeks, January to May
Choose from:
MECO (clinical experience at an Iowa hospital)
Research fellowship
Global experience
Free summer
YEAR 2 Medicine Pre-Clinical 3
4 courses, 20 hours
17 weeks, August to December
Medicine Core Clinical 1
1 week Transition to Clerkships
24 weeks Core Clerkships
January to June
YEAR 3 Medicine Core Clinical 2
24 weeks Core Clerkships
July to December
Medicine Advanced Clinical 1
4 weeks USMLE Step 1
up to 26 weeks of clerkships
possibly one or both parts of USMLE Step 2
January to August
**Apply to the MBA program**
YEAR 4 MBA courses
August to December
MBA courses
January to May
Up to 12 weeks clerkships
Mid-May to August
YEAR 5 Complete remaining MBA courses - August to October
Final Medicine Advanced Clinical Year
remaining clinical clerkships
October to May
possibly one or both parts of USMLE Step 2
MD and MBA degrees conferred mid-May
Begin medical residency training
July 1

Tuition Requirements

MD/MBA students will be assessed the MD tuition rate for all semesters, excluding semesters with the majority of coursework in the College of Business. During those semesters, MD/MBA students will be assessed the MBA rate for tuition.  Students must also pay a minimum of 8 full time semesters of MD tuition.

Graduation Requirements

Tippie College of Business – 33 hours plus 12 hours awarded for MD work = 45 semester hours required for the MBA
Contact the Tippie School of Management at 319-335-1042

College of Medicine – 154 semester hours plus 12 semester hours awarded for MBA work = 166 semester hours required for the MD
Contact Matthew Edwards, Carver College of Medicine, 319-335-8046,