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Assessment and Accommodations

Resources Available

Any student with a pre-existing physical or learning disability should contact the Medical Student Counseling Center’s counselors if he or she would like to receive accommodations from the Carver College of Medicine.

  • Psychologists and neuropsychologists within UI Hospitals and Clinics and the surrounding community are available to provide assessments for learning differences/disabilities and can recommend formal accommodations when indicated.
  • Psychiatrists on our extended team are available to assess and treat students if it appears that medication is the appropriate course of action. 

Counselors will discuss these options with the student and at the request and consent of the student facilitate a referral for evaluation and assessment.

For more detailed information about disability accommodations, please refer to the Policies for Students with Disabilities in the Medical Student Handbook.

New York Times Article: Barriers Fall for Disabled Medical Students—A growing number of students with disabilities are thriving in medical school.