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Medical Student Wellness Committee

Committee Overview

Charge:  To create a culture of self-care at CCOM, and to support and promote individual and community well-being. 

The Committee will:

  1. Assess student wellness needs and identify challenges to well-being encountered by medical and physician assistance students
  2. Provide guidance and recommendations to support student self-care and resiliency skill-building including collaboration and coordination with curricular and extracurricular programs as appropriate
  3. Educate the community about, and eliminate stigma related to, seeking mental health care and help-seeking in general
  4. Propose and/or develop further initiatives to enhance a culture of wellness at CCOM

Committee composition: 

  • Faculty/staff/administrators
  • Assistant dean for student affairs and curriculum
  • Medical student counseling center director
  • Learning communities coordinator
  • MAS course directors
  • Student members
  • Learning communities wellness liaisons (4)
  • NAMI CCOM representative
  • Clerkship wellness project representative
  • Social wellness student representative
  • MSTP wellness committee
  • CCOM student government representative (2)