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Westermann selected for 2021 AANA Traveling Fellowship Program

Robert Westermann, MD, assistant professor in the University of Iowa Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, was one of six orthopedic surgeons selected to participate in the Arthroscopy Association of North America Advanced Arthroscopy (AANA) Traveling Fellowship Program for 2021.

The fellowship is structured as a 2 week experience with visits to three host sites and attendance at the AANA annual meeting. The program provides the traveling fellows with the opportunity to observe, interact and network with leading surgeons in the fields of sports medicine and arthroscopy. It also promotes intellectual exchange through both formal and informal discussions, research presentations, and skills sessions. The program seeks to identify future leaders in arthroscopy, promote camaraderie among the fellows, and facilitate networking among expert surgeons in sports medicine.

The AANA Traveling Fellowship Program has established itself as the paramount educational experience for aspiring young surgeons in sports medicine and arthroscopy.

“It was an honor to be selected to this elite fellowship program,” says Westermann.  “The experience provided me with the opportunity to present my research on femoroacetabular impingement and ACL injuries while learning from other orthopedic surgeons at each host location and in the fellowship program.”


Robert Westermann, MD, left, and Mayo orthopedic surgeon Kostas Economopoulos, MD, right, observed surgery at Vail Health performed by Marc Philippon, MD with Vail Health, center, as part of the 2021 AANA Traveling Fellowship Program.


Robert Westermann, MD University of Iowa Health Care Orthopedics AANA traveling Fellow

Robert Westermann, MD, presenting at TSAOG Orthopaedics (formerly The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group) on the relationship between CAM morphology and femoral version.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021