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Physical Activity

Lucas Carr, PhD
Associate Professor of Health and Human Physiology

Research Interests: Behavioral interventions to prevent and treat obesity
Darren Casey, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Research Interests: Obesity and Vascular Health
Mark Chapleau, PhD
Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine & Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Research Interests: Neural mechanisms in obesity hypertension
Vanessa Curtis, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics - Endocrinology and Diabetes

Research Interests: Clinical pediatric obesity program
Dr. David Frisvold David Frisvold, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics

Research Interests: Understanding how policy interventions influence obesity-related behavior
Vitor Lira, PhD Vitor Lira, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Physiology

Research Interests: Skeletal and cardiac muscle function and metabolism
Peter Nau, MD, MS
Clinical Associate Professor-Bariatric, Gastrointestinal, and Minimally-Invasive Surgeon

Research Interests: Outcomes in bariatric surgery
Isaac Samuel, MD Isaac Samuel, MD, FRCS, FACS
Professor of Surgery - Gastrointestinal, Minimally invasive and Bariatric Surgery

Research Interests: Benefits of weight reduction and metabolic surgery
Richard Shields, PT, PhD
Professor & DEO of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Research Interests: Obesity impacts skeletal muscle metabolism in people with disability
William Sivitz, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism

Research Interests: Mitochondrial function, Oxidative Stress, and Nutrition
Eric Taylor, PhD
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Research Interests: To discover molecular mechanisms to modulate mitochondrial metabolism to treat human disease
Leonid Zingman, MD
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine

Research Interests: Skeletal muscle KATP channels determine bodily energy balance