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Achievements abound at State of Department meeting

James Potash

James B. Potash, MD, MPH, Chair and Department Executive Officer of Psychiatry, had many areas of excellence to highlight at the annual State of the Department Meeting, held July 29 on the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics campus.

Dr. Potash outlined a legacy of discovery within the department, discussing the accomplishments of researchers from the past and those making strides in the field today, in areas such as neuropsychiatry, psychopharmacology, genetics, and personality studies.

In speaking about research, Potash noted the important grants earned by the Psychiatry Department over the past year, including an NIH grant to study the genetics of alcoholism. Adding to that is the high volume of valuable papers authored by UI Psychiatry researchers, including a recent one in Nature Neuroscience on the neurobiology of cocaine addiction.

Potash recognized numerous additional areas of achievement in the Department of Psychiatry, including the strengthening of medical director roles in the department’s clinics and inpatient units, as well as the expansion of telepsychiatry services in the emergency service.

That wasn’t all. Potash pointed to the value of the Cultural Psychiatry Lecture Series. He also emphasized a couple of important books by UI Psychiatry faculty published in the past year, as well as the new mentoring program for residents.

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