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Graduating Psychiatry Department residents recognized

On June 13, the Psychiatry Department at the University of Iowa held a ceremony for their 2014 graduating residents. The event was held at the Feller Club Room at Carver Hawkeye Arena and included the presentation of numerous awards.

2014 Psychiatry Department resident graduates are:

Adult Psychiatry

  • Abraham Assad, MD
  • Jordan Cates, MD 
  • Sarah Falcon, MD
  • Paul Thisayakorn, MD
  • Anvi Vora, MD
  • Kija Weldon, MD

Adult & Child Psychiatry

  • Nicole S. del Castillo, MD
  • Amanda C. Elliott, DO
  • Aaron J. Kauer, MD
  • Jeniece M. Nott, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

  • Susan Nelsen, MD
  • Thomas Salter, MD

Family Medicine/Psychiatry

  • Nesrin Abu Ata, MD

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