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Several former residents, fellows join the faculty

By Francie Williamson, Communications Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

Several familiar faces have joined the Department of Psychiatry faculty this year.

Among those are:

Erin Crocker, MD, training director for the psychiatry residency program, says it’s nice to see such a broad range of subspecialty clinical interests among the new faculty members.

“It’s nice to know that we’re not just providing a broad foundation of educational experiences, but also a great deal of very unique subspecialty experiences within the field,” Crocker says. “Being able to keep such talented physicians and wonderful people on our faculty is really exciting.”

Crocker says the broad range of interests within the faculty make University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics an enriching place to be.

“I think residents really enjoy the culture here and being part of the clinical team, so we’ve had lots of residents and fellows choose to join our faculty,” Crocker says.

Why they stayed

Boress, who is from Chicago and completed her PhD at Central Michigan University, says she enjoyed working with the neuropsychologists and psychologists and psychiatrists during her postdoctoral year at Iowa.

“Also, I really enjoyed the patient population,” Boress says. “I’m able to do both child and adult work, and that was a unique experience for me to be able to see people across the lifespan and the different stages in their lives, and I wanted to continue to do that.”

Larson, who is from Minnesota, also says she is excited to continue serving her current patients.

“I really liked being a fellow and I’m doing very similar work now as faculty,” Larson says.

Min, who grew up in the Iowa City area, says he and his wife, a graduate student, both were looking to stay in Iowa after he completed his residency.

“I enjoyed my time training here,” Min says. “I think I’ve worked with some very thoughtful, considerate and capable physicians and of course nursing staff and all the support staff. I feel like there is a good collaborative working environment that allows us to provide good care for our patients.”

Tuesday, September 28, 2021